We all have that elusive dream of a completely organised home, where everything has its place and the location of your keys isn’t a mystery. These 10 tips can help you make that dream a reality!

1. Store things together

This might sound like a no-brainer but you can keep almost every room more organised by lumping things together. This includes keeping your work clothes together, your frying pans in one place and grouping different kinds of shoes together.

2. Get rid of piles

Piles seem like a good idea at the time but things always get lost. That recipe you were going to use, last month’s bank statement, and your gym card? All fair game for the bottom of the pile. And before you know it there can be piles everywhere! Keep things organised in folders. Or, you know, just throw some stuff away…

3. Declutter

Clutter is the enemy of any organised home. The best recipe for clutter is to get rid. “I don’t have time for a big clear out!” I hear you say. Well, this doesn’t need to be a big clear out – try throwing out one thing a day. You chuck one thing away each day that you don’t need or use anymore and your home is much better for it! No big hassle.

4. Have a dedicated charging station

No doubt there is a tangle of smartphone, tablet and laptop chargers strewn about your house. But which one do you need?! Keep everything organised by having a dedicated charging station somewhere in your home.

5. A bin in every room

Another simple tip that really helps keep your home tidy and organised. Here’s a bonus tip: when it’s time to empty them, take one round with you and empty them all into that one!

6. Keep bedding organised

Two simple, but potentially life-changing tricks. First off, is to keep bedding in the same room as the bed. This is a neat little trick that stops you from trying to fit a double quilt into a single quilt cover. Or vice versa. Secondly, put each set of bedding inside a corresponding pillow case. That way, you can quickly see how many sets of bedding you have available!

7. Keep plastic bags by the front door

We’ve all been in the queue at the supermarket and realised we’ve forgotten to bring a plastic bag. And with a new law in the UK that means plastic bags are now 5p, realising you’re going to have to spend 5p on something that used to be free can be very annoying! Keep a few bags by your front door and you’ll cut down on those 5p charges and excess carrier bags.

8. Labels

This one isn’t anything new, but it works. Label things like spices, food containers, chargers, plugs and folders. This will definitely help keep your home more organised and you’ll spend less time searching around for things.

9. Tubs, boxes and baskets

Things can be organised very easily into containers. A really good example is cleaning materials: keep all of your cleaning products in a plastic box out of the way. And baskets are great for storing seasonal clothes like winter jackets or summer dresses.

10. Ongoing shopping list

Keep a shopping list on the fridge or notice board, adding to it when needed. This stops you from having to check all the cupboards before you go shopping and gives you a readymade list to grab on your way out!

Have you got any of your own tips for keeping an organised home? Let us know!

Photograph by Becky Wetherington