Leicester has been in the news recently because of King Richard III. Considering that Leicester still has a great many of its historic buildings, this is a fitting reason for Leicester to make the news. But there are other things to do there too!

The National Space Centre

The National Space Centre isn’t just for people with telescopes or kids. It’s a fascinating place that really makes you appreciate how big space is and just how advanced humans are to be able to visit it.

Did you know that candles burn in space, but look very different?

King Richard III

I know I said there are other things to do aside from King Richard III in Leicester but it’s really worth checking out the new visitor’s centre. It’s in a beautiful part of the city centre, surrounded by old buildings and a massive church.

It’s quite mind boggling to consider how old the King is too!


The Highcross Shopping Centre is Leicester’s big shopping centre but there are also lots of little boutique shops hidden down the old side streets in the city centre.

Check out the Cultural Quarter and Golden Mile – the largest concentration of Indian clothes, jewellery, and food shops in the UK.

If you do come for a shopping trip in Leicester, pop in to our Love Aroma store and say hello.

Bradgate Park

Bradgate Park is about a half an hour drive from Leicester but the spectacular views across the East Midlands is completely worth it. Climb to the top of the big hill with the old castle on top and you’ll be able to see for miles.

Watch out for the deer roaming around the park though! Although they are usually very friendly.

Catch a game of rugby or football

While sport isn’t everyone’s thing, Leicester is spoiled with top-of-the-league Rugby and Football clubs. The atmosphere in either of the grounds is not something to be missed and you’ll come away wanting to go to every fixture! The clubs are also located in town.

Shop in the outdoor market

Leicester is famed for it’s outdoor markets and it’s easy to see why once you’re there. Traders hawking fresh fruit and vegetables, people selling clothes and material, and a range of other products make it a lively experience.

Drink tea in a tearoom

Leicester is home to a number of tea rooms that do excellent tea and even better cake. The Kings Lock Tearooms are recommended and are located along the lush canals in the last-remaining lock keeper’s cottage in Leicester. Dogs are also welcome to come along, as long as they stay in the garden!

The Great Central Railway

This is the last remaining heritage railway and the only place in the world where two steam engines can pass each other. You can book a ride on a train and even eat on there. You can also drive one! This is a great one to do with kids.

Festivals and celebrations

Leicester is a multicultural city. With a multicultural city comes a multicultural roster of events and festivals. From the Indian festival of light, the fantastically messy Holi festival, Caribbean Carnival, the Christmas markets, and St Patrick’s day parades you can guarantee there is something to see all year round.

Drink excellent coffee

There are some great coffee houses in Leicester if you don’t like tea. They also serve cake, just like the tearooms. So if you can’t decide if you want good tea or good coffee, you don’t need to worry about the cake when you make a decision!

Try Bru Coffee or St Martin’s Tea and Coffee.

The next time you’re in Leicester, drop by the Love Aroma store and let us know what you’ve been up to!