Sheffield is lively city in South Yorkshire, famed for being a powerhouse in the industrial era and for being very hilly. It’s a great place with lots of things to do – and we love it! These are our 10 favourite activities in Sheffield.

Visit the gardens

As well as being surrounded by the beautiful Peak District, Sheffield is home to a number of lovely parks and gardens.

It’s especially famous for The Winter Garden, the largest indoor garden in Europe that houses an enormous range of plants (over 2,500) and flowers. It’s also right in the middle of the city centre. The best thing? It’s free!

The Botanical Gardens are a great choice too, with their mix of indoor and outdoor plants, trees, and flowers. It’s also free to get into to!

Another garden in the city centre is the Peace Garden. It takes people from the train station on a lovely walk into the city centre, with water features and art installations. Once again, it’s free.

Meet the animals

There are some good opportunities to see both home-grown and exotic animals in Sheffield.

Visit the Tropical Butterfly House to see, along with butterflies, meercats, lemurs, parrots, reptiles, owls, and all sorts of other animals. They also have a great selection of shows.

Graves Park is home to more domestic animals like sheep, goats, and rabbits. A fun day out with kids that’s easy to get to from Sheffield city centre.

If you don’t want to venture far from the city you could always visit Heeley City Farm and meet the pigs!

Do some shopping

While Sheffield doesn’t compare to somewhere like Birmingham [link to Birmingham blog] for shopping, there are still some great places to shop. The Meadowhall Shopping Centre has the biggest selection of shops, and we’ve got a lovely shop there too.

If you’re looking for something a bit more retro or vintage, you can check out the beautiful Antiques Quarter.

Play table tennis

Dotted around the city centre you’ll find table tennis tables. This is by far one of the best things to do in Sheffield. See if you can sniff out the one behind the cathedral!

Catch some culture

Sheffield is home to the third biggest theatre complex outside of London and has a few good theatres. The Crucible is one, where you can see plays, ballet, and snooker! But if you want to check out a more independent scene, the Theatre Delicatessen has some interesting things going on.

Brush up on history

Sheffield has a rich industrial heritage, from the industrial revolution up to modern day steel manufacturing. It’s also got a number of museums to celebrate that history, including the Kelham Island Museum, the Shepard Wheel Workshop, and City Museum. Visit the Sheffield Industrial Museums Trust to find out more.

For a bit more general history you can visit the National Emergency Services Museum.

Sample the food

As with any big city there’s a big selection of food to be had in Sheffield. Get on over to the Moor Market to sample about 200 different kinds of food.

Marvel at art

Art is staple of modern cities and Sheffield is no exception. Aside from the art all around the city in places like the Peace Garden, there are a couple of good galleries to check out. The Millenium Gallery is very central (right next to the Peace Garden actually) and the Site Gallery is near the university – which a piece of artwork itself.

Go bouldering

Sheffield is home to rock climbing and bouldering in the UK and you have to try it if you’re there. Get over to Heeley Park to attempt the big boulder there – all of the equipment is free!

Head out to the peaks

If you want to take a break from urban life, Sheffield is located in the perfect location to visit the peak districts. You can hire a bike, visit Chatsworth House, or just take a nice stroll through the country.

If you’re in Sheffield, don’t forget to come and say hello to us in our Love Aroma store in the Meadowhall Shopping Centre!

Photograph courtesy of Welcome To Sheffield