Candles of any kind – but especially scented candles – have historically been ‘for women’. A sweet smelling aroma surely can’t be masculine… Can it? Well, we hate to break it to anyone who thinks like that but everyone loves a scented candle! There are two main reasons for this…

Bad odours

At some point, bad odours pop up. We don’t know where they come from, they just appear! No one wants a smelly house – whether you’re a man or woman. And the quickest fix to a bad odour is to light a scented candle.

Light a candle, let it do its magic, and voila! A fresh smelling room.

This is where it can get a bit tricky for men. Some of the aromas just don’t sit with ‘manly’ men. But this is getting easier as companies realise men like candles too, and they develop aromas specifically targeted at male noses. Yankee Candle has some specific scents for men that go down well.

Romantic mood and ambience

It’s pretty common knowledge among both sexes now that mood and ambience account for a lot in romance. And lighting and scent play a big factor in controlling the mood of any environment.

After a long day at work, both men and women want to wind down in a pleasant atmosphere. Or when the kids are asleep, and there’s finally some peace and quiet for you both, atmosphere is everything.

Lamps don’t always cut it though. The harsh, artificial light can remind you of work. Far better to light some candles and make use of their warming glow, their flickering shadows on the walls, and their mood-enhancing scents that waft through the room to set the tone. Any man that knows how to create a romantic mood will have candles in his arsenal.

Most men have nothing against candles. In fact, they like them just as much as any woman might. They’ve just always been told they were for women! If you asked any man, or woman for that matter, why candles are a good thing – they’d probably give you these two reasons!

How do you use candles to create different moods and atmospheres? Let us know on social media!