Finally, you have everything prepared for the long-awaited summer picnic. Food, blanket, nice weather – it’s all there. But suddenly our unpredictable weather changes and rain begins to fall. All your wonderful picnic ideas have just disappeared, right? No! There are some ideas that will make your indoor picnic also magical as the outdoor one and we want to share them with you!

Hello jars!

Never throw away jam jars. You wouldn’t believe how well you can use them for your indoor picnic. Pour some fancy cocktails in them and use them as funky glasses; put some magnificent flowers for decoration or use some scented tea light candles. You could even use a fresh, outdoorsy fragrance such as Yankee Candle’s Wild Sea Grass.

It’s all about the food

We’ve previously blogged about how much we love our food so obviously for us, tasty food is the reason we organise picnics and indoor picnics are a winner here when it comes to getting rid of those annoying little flies or mosquitos. A buffet that has a good offering of gorgeous pies, cakes, drinks and cookies is a perfect thing to show off your culinary talent and if the picnic gets moved inside, it can be easier to prep everything. It’s also easier to make it look that bit more special, for example you can put all your drinks into some beautiful bottles and decorate those bottles with some cool looking décor. Everyone will be talking about them for days!

Caravan style – say yes!

This idea is for those that are lucky enough to have a caravan or campervan – although maybe you can find a place to rent them for a day? We love the idea of decorating everything in gypsy-style with beautiful and bold summer colours. For those of you even more brave use different cushion prints – flowers go excellent with geometric prints when you’re planning indoor picnic.

Thinking about a rug

If you want your indoor picnic to feel like a picnic, don’t forget the rug! And if you don’t already have one, what better time to invest than now? Make sure you get one that is suitable for all weather though! Sometimes the heavens open up after the picnic begins and there is no time to move it inside – at which point you’ll want a rug that doesn’t disintegrate on contact with water! Outdoor rugs are usually lined on the bottom with a waterproof membrane, which ironically works brilliantly in reverse for those indoor picnics you are now planning. Spill a drink? You won’t have to worry about it seeping through to the cream carpet!

So there are our tips for a fun indoor picnic party if the weather isn’t that great. Let us know in the comments below if you’ve got any fun tips!

Image by « R☼Wεnα »