Essential oils are wonderful for keeping your mood in balance and even making you happy. There are certain blends and uses of oils that specifically keep you in a happy and relaxed mood. We’ve collected some of the best for you.

In the bath

A few drops into your bath of any essential oil with lavender in it will help you relax and slip into a happy mood. Try combining different flavour oils to see which ones you respond to best. Unwind Oil by madebyzen is one of our favourites.

In the shower

If you haven’t got time for a soothing and relaxing bath, you can always use oils in the shower. It’s the same principle as in the bath: just put a few drops in the shower tray or bath and have a shower as you normally would. The soothing elements of the oils will rise up and help put you into a happy mood. Try this in the morning to supercharge your day!

As air fresheners

What better way to keep yourself feeling joyful and happy than having essential oils all over your house? An oil with a bergamot base can help keep a peaceful ambience in your house all the time. Think of all those soothing vapours floating around!

Foot and hand baths

After long days on your feet or using your hands, sometimes all you need is some warm water and essential oils to get them feeling refreshed. Collect some warm water in a bowl, add some of your favourite essential oil (ideally with lavender) and soak away. You’ll be feeling happy in no time.

Hair care

Essential oils make great additions to shampoos and help rejuvenate and refresh your hair. They also keep their fragrance, releasing their smell throughout the day. Just add a couple of drops to your regular shampoo.


For aches and pains, a compress with geranium oils can go a long way toward easing your discomfort. You can use essential oils with both hot and cold compresses – either will work to keep you in a happy mood.

Skin care

Just as with your hair, essential oils can be used as part of your skin care routine. As well working to keep your skin healthy, the oils help with your mood throughout the day. Try adding a small amount of essential oils to your existing routine – you’ll most likely feel happier throughout your day.

Take a look at our range of essential oils and begin experimenting with ways to make yourself happier! And let us know your secret oil combinations for a happier life!