When it comes to small kitchens, every inch works an extra hand and implementing some sneaky, creative ideas will put all your storage needs at ease while creating the illusion of larger space.


White as a parent colour will reflect light and can trick your kitchen into thinking it has larger space than its actual built up area. If white is too pale for your taste, pick a pastel shade from the spectrum and club them together with contrasting textures to achieve a dual tone in kitchen. Painting the cabinetry with same colours as walls will enhance the space by visually making the walls recede farther back!


Replace the solid fronts of cabinets with glass which will expand the vision past the glass panels, penetrating in the depths of cabinets, making the walls seem farther away! This will only work if you are a keen organizer and are obsessed with keeping things clutter-free or opt for an alternative instead, install mirrors on the cabinet doors!

In addition, accommodating reflective surfaces like marble countertops, stainless steel and ceramic tiles will do the trick by escalating the effects of light!


Neutral colour on the floor will open up the space; on the other hand, elongated or diagonal patterns will draw the eye lengthwise and make the kitchen appear longer or wider than it actually is!


If you have a reasonably smaller apartment then try removing any walls, partitions or doors to merge your living, dining and kitchen space together. It won’t increase any built up area but will bring in more light and induce the required feel of openness. Place some minimalist design components on the ceiling, like faux timber beams running horizontally across the room to attain a visual segregation between the respective areas.


If everything fails, lighting comes in as a three-way blessing, which will enlarge your kitchen, improve functionality and will add a dollop of soothing aesthetics!

Embrace and maximize the natural light by keeping window treatments minimal, so as not to block the sun. When it comes to the darkest days of winter or during nights, artificial lighting has been a boon to mankind! Attain a serene ambiance by installing them on darker corners, recessed walls, spaces between ceiling and crown moulded cabinets and under overhead cabinets or use track and pendant lights on the ceiling.


Start thinking vertically! When it comes to storage spaces, one generally doesn’t include walls! There is so much more than hooks and shelves that a wall may accommodate!

A magnetic appearance!


Photograph by Robert S. Donovan

Wall mounted magnetised strip or panel as a knife or spice rack will come in handy to provide an easy access, will save some counter-top or drawer space while inducing a sophisticated display of kitchen wares or supplies.

Hang, Stack and Repeat!

Use as much of the wall space as you can, then whether it’s under overhead cabinets or on the walls in plain sight! Mount a pot-rail and use hooks to store pots, pans, metal baskets, cooking spatulas and anything else hang-able!


It doesn’t matter how well planned your kitchen is, there will always be some negative spaces. These could be corners, awkward angles or narrow unused spaces which are difficult to access, let alone clean! These are the places where dust and insects like to call their home!

Be Narrow-Minded!

Conceal the narrow, slim area in between your fridge and the wall with a skinny DIY ‘pull-out on wheels’ cabinet. Line it with wallpapers of vibrant Aztec or Chevron patterns to add a pop of colours on the Classy Clutter food organizer!

Dive Deeper

Conquering the corners will give you a sense of achievement in-case of deep cabinets that often extend far back, have unreachable areas and blind corners.

Install accessories that would take your storage for a spin, like lazy Susan and carrousel racks or mount corner shelves within and maximize every inch of your cabinet space!

Rock the kitchen with Rolling Carts!

Roll it over when some extra counter space is required, place your chopping board on top and store any utensils, specialised tools or food supplies you need while cooking!


Appliance Garage

The space between overhead cabinets and counter-top automatically creates an alcove where smaller appliances like coffee-maker, toaster, blender etc could be tucked and pushed behind collapsible or flip down doors.

Rethink, Compartmentalise & Organise

Haphazardly thrown items make our life a living hell! It’s often difficult to find something which we can’t see and is probably stacked among other things!

Designate your drawers and cabinets with respective items, compartmentalise each of them and gift yourself an organised delight! Tension rods placed within a shelf will keep your serving rays, chopping boards, plates uptight and organised!


A cabinet may have an undesired amount of tall shelves which you probably don’t require! Divide them as you please with the help of under-shelf or stackable baskets and collapsible tray risers.

Fly High

Add a series of floating shelves if you are left with some wall space but don’t want to clog it up with proper cabinetry!

These will provide ample storage while keeping occasional to everyday kitchenware within easy reach! And when the pots and cooking utensils are in the stove’s vicinity, everything you need is always at-hand.

Small kitchens tend to soak up the pungent smells which linger long after you are done cooking. And when you have guest coming in, the undesired food odours could be eliminated by using a fragrance lamp. Failing that, electric diffusers, burning incense sticks, scented Candles or spraying around mist sprays will also help to fragrance the kitchen with a relaxed ambiance!