We know it only seems five minutes since Christmas but it’s time to say goodbye to dreadful winter and get our sun hats on by giving our home a lovely spring clean.

Check your cleaning supplies

Now’s a great time to check if any of your cleaning supplies are running low or even need replacing. It might even be worth popping to the shops to buy some new brushes and bottles- it will make you feel more inclined to get cleaning if your supplies are new and ready to go.

Time for bright colours

It’s time to put away those dark coloured sheets and duvet covers and replace them with brightly coloured sheets which will not only make your home look great, but will put a smile on your face too. White towels are a must in your bathroom, whilst bright curtains and cushions will make the rooms seem more light and fresh.  It’s also worth putting those heavy throws away and getting some light runners.

Revamp your wardrobe

Those winter gladrags can now be put away in replace for your spring clothes- hooray for short sleeves and canvas trousers. Whilst you’re at it, it might be worth looking through your clothes and seeing what you still actually want and use. There may be some clothes that you haven’t used for a couple of seasons and if that is the case, it might be time for the charity bag.  Let’s be honest- it makes room for that new dress you were planning on buying next weekend. A revamp of your shoes and bags are also a must at this time of the year- it’s time to get those light-weight shoes out and brightly coloured handbags.

Declutter the kitchen and living space

As we move from one season to another, it’s a great time to sort out old tins that may be well past their sell-by date. Tea towels are also worth looking through to make sure you have enough and to see whether there are any which may be on their way out after the winter season. As for the living area, make sure any paperwork finds its way to a new home and check the dates of old magazines which may be laying around.

Head out in the garden

Your garden can get overlooked during the winter but it needs some love too. It’s time to remove those covers off your garden furniture and check any damages to your patio and fences. It’s worth sorting out your shed and garage whilst you are out there and see if you need any new garden tools.

Embrace accessories and decorations

And finally, decorations and accessories are what makes your house look fabulous and unique so it’s time to check your pictures and art work. Do you still like them? Is that picture worth changing? Also, a beautiful bouquet of flowers in your kitchen or living space is worth considering- it will bring out the colours in your room and will lead to many compliments by friends and family members. A light-weight candle or air freshener is also ideal for the next month- they will make the house smell airy and fresh and really embrace spring.