Sometimes, after a drama-filled day or returning home late from work, your thoughts won’t shut off. You crave a visit to dreamland, but sleep just won’t come. Here are a few scents to incorporate into your evening routine to wind down and ensure a peaceful night’s sleep. In essence, these are the fragrances that will help you sleep!


This delicate flower has been used since ancient times for all kinds of health benefits and has a gentle, sweet scent. A cup of chamomile tea half an hour before bed has two-fold results. Chamomile naturally relaxes tense muscles, and is known to combat insomnia. The second virtue lies in the ritual of tea-making. By incorporating a cup of chamomile tea into your evening routine, you’ll effectively train your brain to know when bedtime approaches – and so you are both physically and mentally preparing yourself for peaceful sleep. If the taste isn’t to your liking, try adding a little honey.


Scent and memory have always been inexorably linked, and vanilla as a flavour has strong associations with childhood and happiness. As such, the scent of vanilla has a calming effect that can help you settle down after a stressful day. Add a couple of drops of vanilla oil to your bath, surround yourself with some vanilla-scented candles, and pamper yourself with an indulgent soak, letting those trivial matters melt away.

Fresh Cotton

Is there anything better than climbing into a newly made bed of crisp linen on a muggy evening? The smell of clean laundry and new bedding evokes the feeling of kicking back after a productive day. A good idea is to periodically change your washing powder; your nose becomes accustomed to the same scents, to the point of not noticing them. Switch brands for a few weeks, then back again, and you’ll notice that just-off-the-line smell all the more.


Like chamomile, sandalwood has been used for centuries for its medicinal properties. Commonly used in perfumes, the fragrant oil released from the wood has an earthy scent, with the barest hint of exotic spice. Massage sandalwood oil into your muscles after being active and let its warmth help you unwind.


These beautiful flowers are well known for their properties associated with relaxation and a good night’s sleep, but they lack the heady aromas that usually accompany the better known remedies for insomnia and anxiety.  Geraniums boast a ‘greener’ floral note, a welcome change to the sometimes drowsy ambience created by sweeter scents. Mix together some isopropyl alcohol, some water, and a dozen drops of geranium oil, and mist over your bedding to ensure a fantastic night’s sleep that will leave you refreshed and revitalised the following morning!

Ultimately, find the fragrance that helps you wind down. These are the established scents that have been used for generations, but our sense of smell is a very personal and unique quality. For the next few weeks, try out our suggestions and spoil yourself – and let us know what worked for you!