Winter is coming to an end (which is great news for almost everyone) and as such this is a great time to start getting your house ready for spring and brining in the summery months! There’s a load of different ways to get your house ready for the month of renewal and we’re really excited to suggest some of them. Of course, one of our favourite ways to celebrate almost anything is by scenting your house and letting some new aromas into your space to brighten the place up and change the room a little bit, but that’s far from the only way and we’re hoping to give you a good variety of both. Well, without any more introductions, here’s the best ways to celebrate spring by letting nature into your home!

First of all, flowers. Whether it’s their scent compacted in a candle or it’s the real deal fresh from the field, flowers are the oldest and one of the best ways to let nature into your home. They look great and natural, they feel great and natural, and of course they smell great and natural. It’s a truly wonderful, simple, traditional way to allow nature to enter your home and to brighten up the place after a dark winter spent inside.

Which brings us neatly to our next point – most people are lucky enough to spend almost all of their time inside during the winter months, and this, whilst warm, is one of the fastest ways for your home to fall apart a little and get messier than most people would like. The best way to counteract this is to give your house an enormous clean and fill it with new, fresh air. This means changing all of the sheets, packing your coats and winter clothes away, bashing all of your rugs, pillows and cushions outside for a little while, and leaving all of the windows open for a day. This will aerate your house all over again for the rest of the year and everything will feel fresher, cleaner, and much more welcoming.

After you’ve freshened your house, it’s time to bring nature in properly with some of the fresh scents of outside. We’ve already mentioned flowers, but we might surprise you by also suggesting other, less obvious plants and fruits: fresh citrus home fragrance will fill the air with a wonderful feel that’s difficult to detect but will have a real effect on the air in your home. Other scents that are great to bring into your space are things like long grass – some left in a glass will again freshen your air and look great! What we’re trying to say is simple: the best way to let nature into your home is to actually bring nature into your home.

Of course, by using picking some traditional scented candles and fresh fragrances like lemon, lavender, jasmine, black coconut, you may be able to fill your home with a fresh, natural scent that would be difficult to achieve using just plants. We suggest you experiment and see what you like – let us know what combinations you enjoy.

Photography by Tobias Mikkelsen