Easter’s one of our very favourite times in the year because there is SO MUCH that comes with it – whether it’s the religious festivals, the food, the scents, the sounds or the candles (did we mention the scents?) there’s something for everyone nestled at the beginning of Spring as the natural world is starting to wake up from winter. Babies are being born all over the countryside, and the world seems a brighter, more friendly and enjoyable place as Spring makes its way into the weather. With all of this in mind, we’re certain you’ll love our new sweet treats from Yankee Candle as much as we do! The best thing about them? They don’t have a single calorie.

Our sweet treats to welcome in the Easter season are deliciously indulgent and carefully made to make your taste buds water and are yet not even edible. Yankee Candle’s wonderful Easter candles smell so good you might be willing to test that though. We’re thrilled to be able to stock three separate candles – the childishly fun and bright Jelly Beans candle that’s filled to the brim of colourful, exciting, energetic scents; the classic Bunny Cake Candle, bursting with sugary vanilla, bright citrus and creamy, carefully composed coconut – together, this is a great, great candle that sums up the wonderful newness and simplicity of the Easter season and the coming of Spring. Finally, Yankee Candle’s Celebrate candle is a wonderful treat for everyone, teeming as it is with notes of frosted cake and spring flowers, cut through and lifted with a gentle lemon perfume that compliments it perfectly.

Easter and the beginning of Spring that it represents is a time that’s very much worth celebrating, and these delicious scents from Yankee Candle can make that happen faster than ever with a wonderful, cheery selection. We know because we’ve spent hours looking for the very best!