Did you know that red is the colour of the Feng Shui fire element, the colour of excitement, warmth and passion? By decorating your house using splashes of red, you can add some real warmth to it. It doesn’t have to be typical pillar box red either – the variety of reds means that there is a shade for everyone! In this short and sweet blog post, we take a look at some simple, but cool ideas on how you could bring some of those red shades in your home.


We think that the best way to add red in your house is to introduce some red colour accents. Red is a very strong colour, even when using lighter shades, so it’s important not to go overboard! Explore the style of your home, the current décor scheme and use some sample pots to find that perfect red shade. It may be rectory red, book room red, or (our favourite) dead salmon – whatever best suits you and your home.


The first element of your house – the front door can look wonderful in red. Feng Shui suggests that doors that are coloured red and faces South or Southwest are very lucky for home and the owner.

But you don’t have to go all-in at the front door. Choosing the right red colour tone always creates a vibrant, happy and energising feeling and by incorporating that shade into pillows, vases, rugs or curtains can add subtle touches of luxury.

ikea-brasa-pendant-lamp-red__0179069_PE269919_S4For that same luxurious feel, using red in your bedroom can make your nighttimes that bit more special. Again, the secret here is to implement red in various décor accents rather than painting all the room red. Your bedroom should promote wonderful sleep (and perhaps a bit of passion), so remember that too much red will affect your sleep.

One of the great ways to introduce red into your bedroom is to use accessories: art, candles, pillows and blankets. We love to use scented candles to bring some fragrance to the room as well, but make sure you snuff out the candle before you doze off! You can also use more red in winter than in summer, effectively controlling the feel of the room.


Your kitchen is the ideal place for expression of energy – and what better colour to use than red? We prefer to add accents with smaller appliances and light shades, but if you are braver than us, think about making red the main colour of your kitchen and dining area.

Red is the colour of passion. It can go from cheery and happy to angry & aggressive so you should keep this in mind when using red in a room. Designers recommend using red as an accent colour on the wall. It will draw attention to other things in the room you might not even notice and a piece of red artwork on a white wall can become a really stylish element of your room.

So, don’t be afraid to try red in your home! Experiment with tones and shades and get the best from this vibrant colour.

IKEA 365+ BRASA Pendant lamp, red shown available at Ikea.