Whilst we love our candles, we also like experimenting in other areas and one that we’ve looked into a lot lately might seem a little boring (and, well, the colour itself kind of is) but is a great way to add some depth and intricacies into your home with very little effort and in an incredibly subtle way. By using different shades of grey (we’re all thinking it but we won’t mention the books if you won’t), depth and contrast can be added to a room without bombarding the scenes with the bright, synthetic colours that most home designers use. This effect is a favourite of the best designers in the industry, as it is such a simple and delicate way to add so much to a room that wouldn’t otherwise be there.

Layers, of course, are the key here. A single strong tone is a great way to get started with a collection of colours, but the very best (and really the only way) of using greys properly in design is to use many different shades (and no we won’t say a number we already said we weren’t talking about the books) to brighten or darken areas of a room. This mixture is the best way of bringing out the space in a room, because it moves the light around and splits it into different areas. This splitting draws the eye around the room and thus widens the view. It’s astonishing how much space a few carefully-placed splashes of grey can make in a single room, and – before you think we’re making all of this up – we tried it ourselves and it works like a charm. The trick, again, is to use as many different shades as possible – painting one wall dark grey and another light grey might not quite do it. It’s the texture and the variety in the greys that opens up a space, and it’s this you should aim for.

Of course, we’re not suggesting you paint your entire house grey and leave all of the colour out of it. Adding a few splashes of grey might make your rooms look bigger, but past that it’s all up to you what to put in them. Colour will, of course, look brighter on a simpler, more refined background, and so just a few splashes from a careful colour scheme will liven a room up without actually needing all that much influence. The grey tones are a great way to celebrate minimalism – by combining the grey pallet with a few bright, lively items (may we suggest some brightly coloured candles?) your home can be brought to life in an understated, stylish way.

Of course, choosing the right shades of grey and how many shades to add we leave entirely up to you (fine we’ll say it: 50), and how exactly you bring this colour scheme to life in your home is a question only you can answer. We hope you feel inspired and look forward to seeing the changes you make!