It’s a new month, which means we have four new fragrances on offer! This month, the fragrances of the month are (in no particular order) Yankee’s wonderfully exotic and orient-inspired Ginger Dusk and Pink Dragon Fruit perfumes, as well as WoodWick’s clever and carefully-concocted Soft Chambray and Beach Front Cottage perfumes. All four are delicious, intelligent and carefully formulated scents and we’re very pleased to be able to bring them to you at a reduced price.

Sitting comfortably in the middle of the summer months, July is a chance to get outside, appreciate the weather, do some gardening, and generally bask in the glory of the weather that comes all too slow and goes all too quick. With that in mind, we’ve chosen some fragrances that will complement the height of summer beautifully, and have tried to include some variety to complement everyone’s summer experience. Whether you’re hiding from the hay fever and trying to enjoy the weather whilst indoors, or if you have a full week of intense sunbathing planned with short breaks for sleeping and eating, we have the right scented candle for you and your neighbours and all of their friends. We have the right scented candle for everyone.

One important factor we’ve tried to remember whilst selecting these candles for your summertime enjoyment is their burn value whilst outside! Any candle we offer will make a big impact on your home when it’s burnt indoors, but when so many people want to spend more time outdoors, we’ve tried to make a selection that will work well outside by complementing the scents that are already there whilst being different and individual enough to be noticed and make a real impact. All of our fragrance of the month candles fit this bill perfectly.

So, without further ado we thought we’d talk you through this month’s quartet of candles! First off is Yankee Candle’s sumptuously summery Ginger Dusk. With top notes of vanilla and freshly baked dough, a heart of creamy, high-quality caramel and a base that mixes ginger and a slight, delicate hint of lemon beautifully, this is a candle to be very proud of by some of the world’s very best and most reliable candle- and fragrance-designers. This spicy-sweet-summery candle is perfect for this time of year, and is an individual enough scent to be noticed outside as well as inside.

Another Yankee fragrance we’re passionate and pleased about is the sweet and colourful and exotic Pink Dragon Fruit scented candle. This sweet and juicy fragrance is brought to life with the exotic fragrance of dragon fruit, and is a great, lively candle packed full of flavour and energy! Also, it looks great – the vibrant pink makes a statement like little else can!

Moving onto the other two perfumes in our fragrance of the month deal, we decided to choose two lovely candles from the people over at WoodWick. This is a great choice not only because of the flavours and scents in the candles, but also because of their carefully designed wooden wicks. These tend to add an extra dimension to the scent that is released, and will work particularly well when using this candle outside, as it adds that little je ne sais quoi that makes all the difference.

The first of the two from WoodWick is their Soft Chambray scent. With delicate wisps of jasmine, rose and soft fabric, this is a clean and relaxing candle that will make all the difference during that long sunbathing session. A lovely, delicate little concoction that’s simultaneously subtle and arresting – this is a scent that suits WoodWick perfectly and they must be extremely proud of it.

Similarly, WoodWick must also be immensely proud of the final fragrance in our fragrance of the month offer. Beach Front Cottage is a strange concept but it has worked out incredibly well for WoodWick – one of their trilogy range (meaning three different perfumes are carefully blended on top of each other), Beach Front Cottage is a wonderful mixture of the aforementioned Soft Chambray, giving way to the clean, salty and distinctive At the Beach fragrance, which finally softly melts into their Tropical Oasis scent. A beautiful, exciting candle that defies getting old by changing into something new! Delicious and exciting and ready for summer, this is a candle we’re so pleased to finally have in our fragrance of the month range!