This month, we have two wonderful, rich, and summery, calm fragrances that are perfect for September, and we’ve managed to knock 25% off of each for you (yes, you), our very favourite customer. Home Sweet Home and Lake Sunset are peaceful fragrances that will bring your home to life with flavourful, bright notes and delicate, intricate scents that have been made by some of the world’s very best perfumers over at the world’s most loved candle company – Yankee Candle. We love these two bright and beautiful scents, and we’re certain you’ll love them just as much as we do.

Discover Home Sweet Home. This lovely perfume smells of a warm, comforting home – we’re sure your own home is just as warm and comforting and we don’t want you thinking that we’re trying to change that! But this is a fresh, warm scent that fits perfectly in your living room, with heartfelt notes of warm, rich cinnamon, baking spices (again, warm and rich and sweet and delicious and simply lovely), and a gentle note of freshly poured tea. Together, these notes make a wonderfully rich and delicious mixture of scents, and produce a candle that anyone would be proud to have made and you will be very pleased to have in your home. And with a full 25% off, what could possibly go wrong? We hope you love this candle as much as we do – buy it, and see what all the hype is about!

Discover Lake Sunset. This unique, one-of-a-kind scent has the customers and reviewers over at Yankee Candle going wild. This subtle blend of fresh, light scents like cotton and musk mix together beautifully and produce a truly special, relaxing and delicious candle that would not be out of place at any point in your home. We absolutely love this intriguing mixture of airy fragrances of grass and water, lemon and cotton, with just a gentle little hit of coconut weaved into the mix. This is a fresh, bright and beautiful candle and we’re thrilled to stock it at 25% off here at Love Aroma – it is genuinely one of our very favourite candles to come from the unfailingly prolific Yankee Candle Company, and we’re certain you’ll love it just as much as we and the Yankee reviewers do. Check it out, and of course – and as always – please feel free to let us know what you think!