We’re enormously excited to be able to offer two of our favourite fragrances this month at a reduced price to celebrate the end of winter and the beginning of a sunnier spring. Both Lovely Kiku and White Gardenia are gentle, delicate and sensuous floral perfumes designed to celebrate the beauty of nature through flowers.

We are happy to report we’re able to sell them at with 25% off as part of our Fragrance of the Month offer! So, whether your favourite flower is a simple, blossoming, lush Kiku (or chrysanthemum as it’s more commonly known) or the simple, pure and beautiful scent of white gardenias in full bloom, we’ve got you covered and we very much look forward to hearing what you think!

Both of these wonderful floral scents match the beginning of spring perfectly, and are both made by the high-quality candle makers at Yankee Candle. Lovely Kiku is a carefully formulated scent made with notes of wild chrysanthemums; one of the most diverse and widespread flowers on Earth. Whilst we’re lucky enough that chrysanthemums can now be seen anywhere in the world, they originally hail from deep inside the orient and were once considered extremely exotic in the west until travellers brought seeds back home with them.

The chrysanthemum is one of China’s Four Gentlemen flowers – revered in art and painting as one of the most perfect subjects. The flower was also used as the Japanese Emperor’s official seal for hundreds of years after it was brought to Japan – make no mistake, this flower (and its perfume) is of a royal pedigree.

White Gardenia is no less important as a perfume and as an inspiration for art; not only was it the title for Johnny Griffin’s acclaimed jazz saxophone album, the flower has also been used in Japanese and Chinese medicine for its cooling, calming and clearing properties. Gardenia’s are also the national flower of Pakistan – we think it was a great choice.

Whether you’re looking for the calming, soft scent of white gardenias or the powerful, excitable odour of Kiku, we have exactly what you’re looking for at a reduced price – for this month only! All of us here at Love Aroma hope you find what you’re looking for and wish you a wonderful start to spring!