We’re celebrating the start of April (and no, it’s not a prank) by reducing the price of two of our very favourite, zingiest perfumes as part of our Fragrance of the Month offer. Sicilian Lemon and Orange Splash are certainly scents to get excited about, and their citrusy sweetness both complement each other beautifully and are some of the most exciting, energising odours we have available here at Love Aroma. If you’re looking for an exciting, vibrant scent to get you energised in the morning or as a pick me up around the house all the time, look no further: we have the perfumes for you and we’re thrilled to sell them at a full 25% off!

These perfumes are similar in their bright, exciting flavours but make no mistake; there are a lot of differences as well and the perfumes and scents – whilst complementary – are in no way the same thing. They’re as different as, well, oranges and lemons! Without further ado we’d like to add some sample notes from our in-house experts so you can get the information you need straight from the professionals.

Our Sicilian Lemon scent, straight from the experts across the Atlantic at Yankee Candle, has been designed to be both refreshing and tastefully indulgent, with the simple yet cutting scent of lemons dominating the chord. Sicilian lemons are renowned for their high sugar content, which makes them perfect for perfumes as the sugar ‘holds’ the flavour in the candle and is released when the candle is burnt. The sweet scent of sugary lemons is a great addition to a household all year round.

The Orange Splash scent – also from the experts at Yankee Candle – is another citrusy candle packed full of flavour and energy. This candle gives off a delightfully sweet hit of just-picked oranges, and the freshness is what really makes this perfume, with gentle notes of sugar and fruit all the way through the top, heart and base notes. This is a perfume made for the sunnier months, and will work great in your home in spring or summer. Use to liven up your space and inject some refreshing energy into your environment.

Whatever refreshing, livening, citrusy scents you prefer to have in your space, we’re certain you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for.