Lampe Berger have just launched a new product unlike anything else on the market – it’s called Antibacterial and here’s Kathryn, our Lampe Berger Brand Ambassador from our store in Sheffield to explain why you need it in your home…


We spend up to 89% of our lives indoors. Of this, 69% is in our own homes. As we’re spending so much time indoors, it is important that the quality of air that we breathe is at its highest. Antibacterial by Lampe Berger gives us the opportunity to have the cleanest, purest and safest air to breath.

It works by sanitising the ambient air in a room by destroying airborne germs and bacteria including mould spores, giving you the cleanest and purest air you can breathe. This is possible thanks to its 2-phenyphenol components which is used in the air sanitation and has been tested and validated by an independent laboratory and authorised by the European Biocidal Directive (N°CAS 90-43-7) as a component with disinfectant properties.

This product is great for everyone, but especially anyone who is potentially vulnerable to bacteria and mould spores in the air who would benefit from having the safest, cleanest air to breath in their home.

The burning process is near identical to burning of one of Lampe Berger’s home fragrances.

You fill the Lampe Berger 2/3’s full with the Antibacterial solution and let your burner sit in it for 20 mins with the stopper on. Then light the burner for 2 minutes until the flame drops then you blow it out, putting the decorative topper on for 30 minutes. This will diffuse the Antibacterial product into the air eliminating airborne bacteria and sanitising the air. After 30 minutes of diffusion you place the stopper on to stop any more of the solution burning.

Just this 30 minute diffusion will keep your air sanitised for up to 8 hours!!!

Lampe Berger Step by Step


Antibacterial vs So Neutral

If you are already a fan of Lampe Berger home fragrances, you may want to understand how Antibacterial is different to the So Neutral product in the functional range.

As you’ve read, Antibacterial sanitises the ambient air by destroying airborne bacteria such as mould spores. This works for up to 8 hours giving you the cleanest air to breath.

So Neutral purifies the ambient air by destroying odour molecules to give you fresh odour free air for up to 3 hours. It also helps maintain the burner between changes in fragrances. And the last use, it dilutes any Lampe Berger home fragrance to adjust the intensity of the fragrance when burning.

It’s worth mentioning that neither Antibacterial nor So Neutral have a fragrance while burning.

Antibacterial by Lampe Berger and the original home fragrances by Lampe Berger are perfect to use alongside each other. While the Antibacterial will sanitise the air in your home making it as clean as possible, you can then use your Lampe Berger home fragrance to add a subtle and pleasing scent to your home.

However, you cannot use Antibacterial in the same lamp as a home fragrance as the components are not compatible. We recommend only using Antibacterial in a new, clean Lampe Berger. Because of this Love Aroma stores are offering a fantastic deal in store to get you started with Antibacterial. If you buy two 500ml of Antibacterial RRP £14.50 you can get Clear Capri lamp for £24.99 instead of the RRP of £35.50.Capri trpt copy

Antibacterial is also available online at

So go out and try it for yourself and see what you think!