Yankee Candle’s latest collection takes its inspiration from that that time of year when there’s still light to enjoy after the working day, and when our revelry takes us long into the summer night. These scents transport us from day-time adventures beneath the sun at its zenith, to the balmy warmth on a summer’s night. Take a look below and see if you can find a new favourite fragrance to enjoy during these gorgeous summer evenings.

Flowers in the Sun

The petals unfurl and the blooms turn their faces toward the sun. This is a fragrance drenched in golden light and is the embodiment of the scent of summer. Evocative of picnics enjoyed in lush fields, Flowers in the Sun has a gorgeous floral heart of azalea, waterlily and delicate rosebud, a veritable bouquet of sweet, green accords. The scent opens with lightly fruity touches of orange and lemon, the zest giving a real season twist to the composition!

Sunset Breeze

There isn’t anything quite like watching the sun setting over the ocean with that special person in your life. Yankee Candle have captured this moment in the form of a beautiful scent, blending a delectable mix of ingredients to capture that warm serenity of a coastal sunset. Succulent peach and mango are the first notes enjoyed when this candle releases its fragrance, followed by the sweet zest of pineapple, adding an exoticism to the theme of the scent. The base is an elegant tango of pear blossom and gentle musk, which we’re sure you’ll agree makes for a truly relaxing combination.

Passion Fruit Martini

This is a scent for when the sky is the shade of stoked embers, when the people begin to arrive, and the party begins! Passion Fruit Martini is Yankee Candle’s take on summer nightlife, rife with beautiful cocktails, good company, and sparkling conversation. This fragrance has been created with all the panache of a cocktail mixer; a generous helping of blood-orange is blended with sumptuous mango, while peach and pineapple slices contribute a sweetness that can only be described as irresistibly moreish. This fruity concoction is arranged on a bed of musk, revealing an elegant side to this fun-loving scent.

Dreamy Summer Nights

The fragrance for which the collection was named, Dreamy Summer Nights is the scent of the welcome dark, when the party is over, and the night sky reveals a cascade of stars. This scent recalls the intimacy of Sunset Breeze, only the composition is flush with vanilla accords that speak of velvet softness. Heliotrope and orchid are heady, floral elements that are enlivened with sparkling orange notes, while amber and cedarwood give the scent depth and a drifting, lasting quality. Dreamy Summer Nights is the scent of romance, of relaxation, and of the promise that Summer can be eternal.

These four fragrances make wonderful gifts to the Yankee Candle enthusiast, either as individual jars, or as a complete set of four. The variety of the fragrances ensures that everyone can find that special scent that resonates with them, that says “this is what summer means to me!” Pop in to one of our stores, try them out – you’ll know your favourite as soon as you smell it! Whichever your choice, we implore you to make the most of summer, and to enjoy the rest of the season!