We’re so thrilled to have introduced Village Candle into our online range here at Love Aroma. With some of the internet’s very favourite candles, combining their concentrated, powerful, bold scents with double wick technology that allows the candle to burn slower and much cleaner, it’s no wonder they’re one of the favourites in the business.

Village candle focuses on one thing and one thing only – to produce candles that continuously and consistently exceed their customers’ expectations. Village want to be the very best in the business at delivering the best candles to you at the very best price. And they’re doing a great job of it! We’re so pleased to be able to pass on any saving we can to you, the customer, and with their combination of quality and customer-focus, Village allow us to do that like no other supplier can!

With candles like Fresh Strawberries (a simple, bright, fruity scent that is exactly what it says on the tin and smells just like the real thing!) or their fruity, delicious, sweet, succulent Lemon Pound Cake, Village Candle are one of the very best in the business at delivering simple, sweet, tasty candles at prices that we just can’t argue with! We don’t mean to harp on about it, but the Lemon Pound Cake scent is just wonderful – it got us all salivating here at LoveAroma when we tested out these candles!

Village Candle Brownie Delight

Village Candle Brownie Delight – £15.99

The story of Village Candle begins in the 1970s with the self-proclaimed ‘start-up addict’ Paul Aldrich. Paul would often be found creating his own candles from milk cartons and leftover paraffin oil. This hobby began to flourish later on in Paul’s life; after spending more time researching the art of creating candles, and practicing this art, many of Paul’s family and friends began to ask him to create candles for their personal use or as charming gifts. Village Candle eventually came about during a vacation. Paul, on his way to visit family with a car full of candles, stopped off at a candle store. The store promptly placed the first of many orders, quite by accident, to Paul’s new business. This was the start of Village Candle who now have orders from thousands of retail stores, throughout the world.

Our very favourite Village Candle at the moment is the simply sumptuous Brownie Delight candle. Containing and mixing the delicious and heart warming scents of chocolate chips with freshly baked brownie batter, this is a candle to be proud of – whether you’ve made like Village did, or if it’s something you own! Simply delicious, the only problem you’ll have with this candle is you’ll disappoint your guests when they realise you haven’t been baking!

So there you have it – the new village candle range at Love Aroma, if you have any questions regarding the products available, please feel free to contact us with any questions or queries you might have about the products in this range or anywhere on the website! We love hearing from you!