Do you believe in feng shui, or is it all a load of mumbo-jumbo to you?

Maybe you’re on the fence about it, or maybe you’re not really sure what it is. Well, to make a personal decision on whether you believe that this ancient Chinese belief system can make a positive or even negative effect on the feel of your home, and your overall luck, let’s look at what feng shui actually is.

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What is feng shui?

Dating back over 3000 years, feng shui is an ancient Chinese belief concerning spacial arrangement within a home or building. This all centres around the flow of energy, or chi, and when items are placed incorrectly, it is thought to block the flow of chi, resulting in bad luck. Good feng shui is thought to bring good health and good fortune to those who live in the building or home.

The word feng shui obviously comes from Chinese language, with feng meaning wind, and shui meaning water, and these two natural elements are important in the art of Taoism.

In order to achieve good feng shui, and good flow of chi as a result, an analysis needs to be done.

Feng shui analysis

You can do a spot of feng shui yourself, which we’ll get onto later, but a serious, formal feng shui analysis uses a compass, also known as a Luo-Pan. This compass assesses each corner and direction your home, and each individual room, is pointing in, and assesses the level of good or bad chi.

Basically, the north of a room pertains to career, the north east is for spiritual growth, the east is all about health, the south east for money, south points to fame, south west is all about love and marriage, the west is about creativity, and the north west relates to helpful people. Clutter or blockages in any of these directions affects the flow of chi in that area of your life.

How to feng shui your home

Basically getting rid of clutter is a good place to start, because this will help the flow of energy around each individual room. The entrance to your home needs to be clear, for good energy to enter, so declutter the doorways, and especially the actual door to your building.

It is thought that the flow of water is a good energy booster, and placing a water feature or fountain near your front door boosts the flow of chi. On top of this, fix anything which is broken, because your eyes will automatically roam to those problem areas and cause you frustration, which is linked to bad chi.

Minimalistic décor is a good way to avoid the clutter that clogs up the flow of energy, so consider this when decorating rooms. Colour is also something to think about, as it immediately affects mood.

If you want to add a little passion to your love life, feng shui suggests you should place plants in the bedroom, and if you want to boost your money situation, find the south eastern part of your room.

So, can feng shui really make a difference to your home?

It depends on what you believe, but 3000 years of experience must have something in it.

Photography by Dave Fayram