Those of you that keep up to date with such things will no doubt be aware that Nigella Lawson – the domestic goddess herself – has painted her entire kitchen pink to make things more exciting for herself. It’s a wonderful idea and it looks great – and some of us were just pulling out the old paintbrushes from the back of the cupboard and making our way down to B&Q to find that exact shade of pink (it turned out to be a 40:60 mix of bubble-gum to Barbie girl) before we started to realise that actually painting a kitchen is a lot of work. At the very minimum we’d be eating takeaways for the next week or so! Nigella may not have problems with pink paint dripping all over her pans and can probably break out a three course meal within half an hour with a camping stove and a square metre of space but we mere mortals are more limited. So, we put the paint down and resolved ourselves to working out some of the less extreme ways to let pink into your home.

And, after we worked out what we might be able to do with pink, we did it! Since we’ve pinked out our living space we feel more active, more fun, and are pumped full of energy! So, whilst we wouldn’t suggest taking all of our advice (the dog didn’t like being dyed as much as we thought he would), some of it will probably be quite good fun. Enjoy yourselves and remember – pink is the new duck-egg blue (or yellow, or black, or whatever the last new colour was before pink).

Small is beautiful

First of all, we’ve found that a little pink goes a long way – whether it’s a desk lamp, a picture frame or just the odd chair scattered around the place, it will stand out in a room and have it looking stylish in no time. One of the best ways to bring a colour out (and this goes for any colour) in a room is to keep everything else minimalist and shaded. In an all-white room, the pink chair’s going to look more exciting than ever. Of course, we don’t all live in modern homes and to some extent we feel like minimalism is a piece of home artistry Pink Front Doorreserved for those who have enough time on their hands to get rid of all the junk they own and in home decoration magazines. The point is that some pink in a room is going to stand out no matter the room – people just don’t use pink enough in their home design in our opinion.

Make a statement

The main difference we made to the house was to the front door. It’s not just the blatant girlishness that we enjoy (although we loved stretching our feminist muscles and letting people know ‘who paints the door at this house’, too), it’s the energy that the front door has now. Whether we’re leaving the house or just coming in, as soon as we arrive at the door it’s like a small, visual pick-me-up for the day that we just did not get with the old black front door. As well as the energy the door has we love its individualism. Every other door down the street is black, white or somewhere between brown and red, and the bright pink door feels fierce and artistic by comparison. Are we making too much of a big deal over what’s just a door? Maybe.

Colour the air

Another way to brighten up your home with a few splashes of girly pink here and there is to – surprise surprise – add a few candles into the mix and have colour not only on your mantelpiece, but also in the air of your home. Fragrance candles – as we’re sure you must know by now – are one of our favourite ways Yankee Candle Pink Grapefruitto add an atmosphere into your home, and how they look is just one part of their charm. We had a look at the different pink candles that are available and there are LOADS. Yankee Candle has some amazing Pink candles – with vibrant fragrances like Pink Sands, Pink Hibiscus, Pink Grapefruit (one of our personal favourites) and Pink Dragon Fruit. There are options from other candle makers as well – Lily-Flame has a lovely little pink tin candle called Blush! A wonderful, exciting little candle that, like all else pink, is packed full of energy and is likely to wake anyone up in the morning with sweet, subtle flavours.

Pink is a wonderful, simple, bright colour with so much potential both for decorating the home and for brightening up your day in small bursts of colour. We are thrilled that we’ve been able to have so much fun with pink over the last few days, and we’re even more pleased to sell such a wide variety of candles that celebrate that. Happy shopping and remember, pink is the new [insert most recent colour here].