Yankee Candle’s Warm Summer Nights Collection was released on July 1st which includes four new and exciting fragrances. Each scent is ideal to burn on a warm Summer evening to create an added a touch of sparkle to your outdoor space.
One of the new fragrances caught my attention. Passion Fruit Martini. I was over the moon to know that Yankee were releasing a new Passion Fruit fragrance after retiring Wild Passion Fruit a few years ago.
Uplifting, bright and a fragrance that captures Summer, this scent will be enjoyed by many. Sadly, the alcohol content of this candle is zero! However, to celebrate the release of this new fragrance I would like to share with you a step by step on how to create a Passion Fruit Martini at home.

2 passion fruits
50ml passion fruit flavoured vodka
10ml passion fruit juice
5ml lemon juice
Ice cubes

You will also need:
Martini glass
Mixing glass
Cocktail shaker

1. Chill your martini glass. You can either put a few ice cubes with water or place it in the freezer while you make your drink.
2. Cut one of the passion fruits in half. Scrape the insides into the mixing glass.
3. Measure and pour the vodka, liqueur, lemon juice, passion fruit juice and syrup into the mixing glass.
4. Fill the mixing glass with ice.
5. Slap the cocktail shaker on the top of the mixing glass and shake well (shaken and not stirred)!
6. Gently release the two halves from each other. Place a strainer on the cocktail glass and strain the contents in the martini glass.
7. Cut the passion fruit in half. Place one half on top of the drink and serve.

Not only can you have this fragrance in your home, you can also be zipping down a Passion Fruit Martini whilst watching your favourite film or reading an exciting book.