Bathrooms have never been the biggest rooms in our homes, but it does seem that many seem to be getting smaller as we try to fit more living space into our houses. Bedrooms are more valuable to us than bathrooms, so unfortunately we’re often left with not much more room than the minimum required to fit in a three piece suite. With this in mind, there is constant need for us to save space in our bathrooms and make it look more spacious for both us and our visitors. There are many bathroom hacks you can use to achieve the desired level of space in your bathroom ranging from simple reorganising it to installing accessories that would store all your ‘stuff’ while minimising on space. Below we have outlined five good space saving tricks for you to try out:

1. Install sliding doors

The traditional swing wide open doors usually consume a chunk of your floor space. For tiny bathrooms, this can be quite a hassle every time you need to use the bathroom. These types of doors leave very little space for addition of storage cabinets and other things. You can instead go for the more convenient sliding door which saves you the space you need. These doors can also made of frosted glass giving the discernment that the bathroom has plenty of space, by allowing light to come in through the door.

2. Mirrored cabinet storage system

This is particularly good if you do not have sufficient space in your bathroom to store the everyday essentials such as toothpaste and bottles of medicine. Rather than having a mirror that sits flat to the wall, you can use a cabinet with a mirror on the front. Depending how extreme you want to be, you can even create a cavity (if you have the depth in the wall) to place your cabinet in, so it look like a standard issue, flat mounted mirror, but you (and potentially only you) know about the secret storage!

3. Another method is to adopt the European-style wet bath

If you don’t really mind your toilet seat getting wet or your sink dripping with water, this type of design for bathrooms suits you perfectly. In this design, the shower head is located centrally in the room with the toilet and sink usually located on the space around of the room. A drain is placed at the end of the room. By eliminating the surroundings of a shower system you capitalise on the little space you have. If the water pouring on the toilet from the shower turns out to be quite a bother then you have the choice to put up curtains to act as a space divide.

4. You can also opt to use a solid shower stand

This type of shower stall is in a way a combination of the European wet bath style and the normal shower. The major advantage you get to accrue from this type of installation is that there is a feeling that the room is bigger and more spacious.

5. Change your taps

Whilst your taps might not actually encroach on the floor space, oversized taps make it difficult to store bits and bobs around your sink. Think about swapping it over for a smaller model – it doesn’t have to be expensive either!

Dark Bathroom Idea+1 Crazy thought

If you have a small bathroom, why not embrace it? Paint it a striking dark colour and create a miniature luxury haven. It won’t cost a lot in paint, and if you don’t like it, you can always slap some white paint back on the walls!

Use all of these ideas, or just a couple of them and you’ll find you can save much more space in your bathroom. Your bathroom experience will never be the same again!

Photographs and bathrooms by Hotel Nord 1901 Girona and Highmark Builders