This spring should be a celebration of all things natural and the beginning of a new season – cold winter is over and new life is starting to come into the world. Among this new life, of course, are all of the flowers that will be peeking their heads out of the ground ready to start the long process of life and pollination to make their own children next spring. In celebration of the new start of the natural year, here are some of our favourite floral fragrances!

One of our very favourite scents all year round – but particularly now when it’s time for flower power – is the wonderful, sensuous and deliciously natural Wild Jasmine by Lily Flame. With a stylish, beautifully simple little tin and a burn time of 35 hours, Wild Jasmine in the Morning Sun is a great scent and makes a wonderful present; whether it’s for a friend or just to treat yourself!

Another great choice for a floral fragrance is Stoneglow’s White Rose tumbler – this complex chorded perfume has been masterfully crafted by the perfumers at Stoneglow and has top notes of freshly picked rose petals, heart notes of rich geranium and fresh green leaves, and a base of sultry musk brings this perfume together into a full, delicious experience.

Yet another couple of great perfumes come to us from Yankee Candle – both their Wedding Day candle and their Lavender candle are full, rich and simple floral perfumes that last much longer than the average candle and will keep your house smelling great and looking stylish for the whole season! Yankee Candle’s wedding day candle is a bestseller here at Love Aroma and it’s easy to see why – the simple, pure and bright scents from the flowers in this candle are simply wonderful, and the candle itself is a beautiful white. It’s a great thing to have in your home.

Our last floral candle is WoodWick’s Fresh Flowers. WoodWick have become synonymous to the industry for their quality – and the secret’s in the name, they actually use wood wicks. These release a more natural, intense scent into the air complemented by the crackling noise made by the wicks is a wonderful touch and really adds an extra dimension to the candle. The fresh flowers perfume specifically is a delicately formulated mixture of fresh, simple flower scents that have been combined in a wonderful mixture of natural, delicate scents. This is complimented wonderfully by the wooden wick, which adds a depth to the chord that is matched by few other scented candles.

However you want to let the delicious scents of flowers into your home this spring – whether it’s Lily Flame’s Wild Jasmine, Stoneglow’s White Rose, Yankee Candle’s Wedding Day or Lavender candles, or WoodWick’s Fresh Flowers scent, we’re certain you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for right here at Love Aroma.

Photography by Jackie Meredith