We love eating beautiful food, surrounded by the people we love. Sometimes though, we like to take our love for food that bit further, dabbling in fine dining experiences. If you’re the type of person that likes their salmon to be cooked at 53 degrees and the thought of an assiette of Lune Valley lamb cooked by William Drabble has you salivating (we are), then this blog post is for you! For all foodies, nationwide, these are our home fragrance product suggestions that may just excites your olfactory senses in the same way your favourite Michelin starred restaurant stimulates your taste buds.


On a Wick and a Prayer China Garden Oolong & Ginger CandleStarter – On a Wick and a Prayer China Garden Oolong & Ginger Candle

To begin with, enjoy the locally sourced China Garden Oolong & Ginger Candle. Made at On a Wick and a Prayer in Derbyshire, this light blend of green tea & ginger balanced with a dash of blood orange fragrance is sure to awaken your senses for an olfactory experience of three courses. Karen Eggleton is one of our home fragrance experts and she said it was “Very pleasant, summery, light fragrance sitting pretty in an opaque glass tumbler. Beautiful, clean burn – lovely for a kitchen.”


Max Benjamin Dodici CandleMain – Max Benjamin Dodici Candle

Gliding gracefully onto the main event, experience the delightful Dodici candle from Irish manufacturer, Max Benjamin. This stylish fragrance blends Rosemary, Sicilian Lemon and Marjoram on a backdrop of Tuscan Lavender, brightening and invigorating the mood of any room.



Heyland & Whittle Coconut, Vanilla & Pepper Glass CandleDessert – Heyland & Whittle Coconut, Vanilla & Pepper Candle

For many, the proof of a fine dining experience is culminated in the dessert. Not too sickly, but sweet enough to bring the meal to a close. This candle from British based, Heyland & Whittle, has a beautiful creamy coconut fragrance that blends effortlessly with rich warm Vanilla and a hint of Spicy Black Pepper to evoke the scent of a tropical paradise.


Yankee Candle Cappuccino Truffle Large JarPetit four – Yankee Candle Cappuccino Truffle

An irresistible cafe flavoured favourite is the perfect way to end the event. The decadent pairing of bold, roasted coffee and luscious, velvety chocolate lingers on the nose for all the right reasons and you can enjoy this Cappuccino Truffle without the calories.



Yankee Candle Grapevine & Oak Large Jar CandleSuggested Wine Pairing – Yankee Candle Grapevine & Oak

No restaurant worth it’s salt wouldn’t be able to suggest to you a matching wine – and this fragrance experience is no different. You can try layering fragrances that compliment each other or opt for the Grapevine & Oak candle from American based, Yankee Candle. The naturally appealing, full-bodied aroma of crisp grapes, citrus and oak brings together a plethora of fragrances, or can equally be enjoyed by itself.


We hope you’ve enjoyed this light-hearted look at some of our more food-centric fragrances. Let us know if you’d change the menu and what you’d include instead!