Getting a new dog is a really exciting time. A new addition to the family who’ll hopefully be with you for many years to come. Preparing your home beforehand is important as its not only helps the new dog in getting comfortable and adjusted to its new home, it also helps prepare you too. Here are some of the essentials preparations needed.


First things first make sure you have an identification tag: By law now, all dogs must wear an ID tag on their collar showing the owners contact details.

A collar and a lead: You can get collars and leads in a variety of sizes, materials and colours. A harness may prove better for smaller dogs to help protect their delicate necks when out walking.

Food and water bowls: Again bowls come in all different shapes, sizes and materials. I would however recommend heavy bottomed stainless steel or ceramic ones as the plastic variety can often end up as a chew toy. Also, heavier ones such as those are harder to be knocked over by accident.

Travel crate: Have you thought about how you’re going to transport your new dog to your new home. When choosing your crate make sure you get the appropriate size. The dog should be able to turn around freely inside it.

Toys: Dogs love to play so make sure you have plenty of toys to satisfy their playfulness. There are plenty to choose from such as; Frisbees, tugs, balls and rings.

Clever buys!

Stair gates: Do you have any unwanted rooms or out of bounds places you don’t want your dog to get to whilst you’re not around to supervise, then a gate will help protect those places.

Something to chew on: One thing dogs love to do is chew on things, so make sure you have an abundance of chews to much on otherwise it may be your furniture they go for next.

Grooming kit: Grooming is not only important in order to keep them looking good and coat healthy, it also helps you bond with your dog. Different dog breeds will have all different kinds of coats, which will require different brushes. Consult with your pet shop to find out which is best for your dog. Also, in your grooming kit you will need dog friendly shampoo and nail clippers.

Your dog’s first food: Make sure you have a bowl of food with a brand of food your dog has been eating at their previous home for when they get to yours. It’s already a big change for them coming to yours so this little piece of familiarity will help ease the transition into their new home.

Things you’ll almost forget

Don’t forget to look into getting pet insurance. Anything could happen at anytime and it’s always best to be prepared and to help avoid those high vet bills.

Finally, you need to make sure you’re ready to deal with a dog and all that it brings with it – including the smell! May we recommend investing in a Lampe Berger fragrance lamp as they not only produce wonderful fragrances, they also banish bad odours with their air purification technology!

Now you’re well and truly ready for your new addition to come and meet their new home.

Photography by George Hawkins