‘Tis the season (that is, to start getting your home ready for t’ season), and we’re enormously excited about the extensive variety of fragrances that we have available. This festive season we have a wide range of different products, from cookie-scented candles to reindeer candle-holders and even a tiny house! Whatever your Christmas needs, whether you’re buying presents or decorating your home, we’re sure to tick some stuff off your list right here. Make sure to get hold of some carrots for Santa’s reindeer and if it’s candles and other scented goods you’re looking for, look no further!

In this blog post we’ll be going over some of the great, easy options available to you to decorate your house for Christmas and to get the house feeling and smelling festive – from how to best light up your tree to how to place some of our beautiful candles around the house so they don’t get knocked over by excited smaller members of the family (actually, we can cover that one right now – up high). We’ll be going over some of the best options for you on Christmas day too. Of course, feel free to do your own thing; this is just some of the stuff that we do around the office and in our own homes when we get into the Christmas spirit. The most important thing, of course, is to have fun and enjoy yourself! After that everything else comes naturally. Enjoy!

The Tree

One of the things we all get the most excited about come Christmas time is getting a tree! Of course, we work in the fragrance business and in our considered opinion nothing says ‘Christmas!’ like a real pine tree in the middle of the living room – plastic trees might not leave it’s needles in the living room, but there’s no substitute for that wonderful pine smell when you walk into the house. However, for the best of both worlds, why not try out one of our pine-scented candles like Yankee Candle’s Christmas Garland scent or Stoneglow’s Christmas Tree Candle? This will guarantee that warm, Christmas-y scent in your home without getting those needles all over the place!

Decorative Scents

Another festive fragrant favourite of ours is the Victorian-style pomander balls – simply decorating a few oranges by pressing spicy cloves into them gives a wonderful scent that permeates through the house and has been a popular Christmas tradition for hundreds of years! Again, if you’re interested in the smell but not too interested in the legwork (not to mention having to re-do the oranges every week-or-so during the Xmas season), we have a wonderful Orange Spice fragrance by Heyland & Whittle that we’re sure you’ll love. Or, if you’re looking for that authentic Orange and Clove feel, have a look at our Christmas Spice Pomander. We’ve also got some great handmade Christmas Spice products from British companies like Pintail and On a Wick and a Prayer. Finally, if you’re looking for a twist on a classic combination, try out our Orange and Cinnamon range of products.

Baked Goodness

Another favourite Christmas scent of ours is that very special scent that comes with home-baked sugary goods like cookies or cake. Whilst we adore the smells, it’s not often we get much of a chance to bake so we tend to take the shorter route of trying out one of the Yankee Candle’s Christmas Cookie candles. All we need to do is light the wick and within minutes the entire house is filled with the delicate, delicious, doughy smell of freshly baked cookies with a touch of vanilla and other wonderful, sweet flavourings. Scrumptious!

With all of these festive scents and more available in stock, we’re so very excited about the Christmas season and what it has to offer and we’re certain you are too! The most important thing though, of course, is the festive spirit and making sure that everyone has a great time celebrating Christmas and the coming of a new year. And we all know what that means – presents! We stock a wide range of products that have been carefully designed to work as gifts for your friends and family – feel free to check out our Christmas section now!

For more inspiration, take a look at our Christmas Gift Guide or shop the entire festive fragrance range here.

Let us know and have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Love, Love Aroma