Dads can be difficult to buy gifts for – especially when it seems like they have everything they already need. And when you ask them what they want the reply is always a frustrating ‘I don’t mind’ or ‘Just not socks’!

That’s why we’ve taken the responsibility out of your hands and researched a list of things you could buy for Father’s day, which on 19th June in case you were wondering…


Unless you know for certain that books aren’t his thing, they are a fool-proof gift. What better way to relax after completing parental duties for the day than with a good book? They don’t require anything demanding – it’s even possible to sit down while you read them! You can sell this benefit when he’s unwrapped it.

Comics or graphic novels are a good alternative to books. They too have all the same benefits of sitting down.

A drone

I’m sure every man’s dream is to have his own drone that he can fly from the safety of his garden. No doubt the kids will love it too, which, come to think of it, is a great excuse to send everyone down to the park on a Saturday afternoon….

While a far cry from the relaxing, noise-free gift of a book it will probably be a gift that he remembers for a long time. And if you’re doing the buying, that’s a good thing!


A good cup of coffee can make any day so much better. Even the smell of good coffee can send smells of joy right to our brain. But being a coffee connoisseur can become an expensive habit.

That’s exactly why high quality coffee is a great gift on Father’s Day. Add in the the fact that coffee is for sharing and it definitely becomes a top Father’s Day present! Why not buy a coffee scented candle to keep those brainwaves of joy going when all the expensive stuff is gone?


Indoor plants are a lovely gift – they add some life to a home and aren’t too expensive. Nowadays you can a whole range of different types too, so whether he likes big or small plants, you’ll be able to find something that suits him.

You could try a grow-your-own kind of plant too. A good one for any desk is the Grow your own Bonzai tree.


Lego isn’t just for kids – a lot of their sales come from adults. And it’s easy to see why with the range of intricate products they have. If the dad you’re buying for is into any sort of film (Star Wars, basically), likes cool buildings, or generally loves models of things then Lego is an excellent gift.


In our post about why men secretly like candles, we give some examples of why any modern man likes to have candles around. Father’s day is the perfect time to treat any Dad to some beautiful-smelling candles.

Besides the lovely aromas of our many scented candles, we have a range of gift sets that will be perfect for any Dad.

Flower grenade

Gardening takes time and other things (including the wonderful British weather) often get in the way. With a flower grenade, all you have to do is throw the grenade into the garden and seeds fly out!

These are meant for wasteland areas but they can work in small patches of soil too. The grenades are made from clay pots so bare that in mind when throwing them!

Plain old socks

Despite what people say, sometimes socks are a good gift. You can never have too many socks!

If you’ve bought any good Father’s day gifts that we can add to the list, let us know! And don’t forget to check out our candle gift sets if you haven’t had time to buy that present yet.