Mother’s Day is fast approaching and it’s always a hectic part of the year for us – not only are we sending the perfect presents for mothers all over the country, we also have to buy our own! But sometimes, we don’t always want to opt for a candle, so we thought we could share our gifts ideas for mothers day with you. After all, a little bit of advice is never a bad thing and so we thought we’d help you out with this blog post – shopping for mothers day is for one person only, but it doesn’t have to be done by one person only!

First of all, the more handmade something is, the more heartfelt it looks. This, of course, only works up to a point – if you’re anything like most of us here at the Love Aroma office, you’re probably still hoovering glitter out of the fruit bowl in the middle of July after attempting a January creation! However, a happy medium can be achieved – for example, buy a present and make the card. Or make half of the card. Or just buy both and sign the card in your best hand writing!

We are passionate about natural, simple products – whether it’s flowers or perfumes or something even simpler, we always enjoy making the most out of nature and being inspired by the best artist there is. We suggest you do the same, either by buying some great flowers for mum or by investing in one of our delicious, floral home fragrances that will fill your family home with warmth and scent – of course, you’ll know better than us what your mother will enjoy most so we’ll leave the selection to you!

Another great present for Mother’s day that hasn’t failed us yet is, of course, picture frames! All mum’s have endless embarrassing pictures of you and your family, and will never have enough picture frames to embarrass anyone fully. That’s where you come in – after all, it is only once a year and it’ll make a great present. Along similar lines, it might also be a good idea to get some pictures of the family developed that your mum hasn’t seen before. After all, there is nothing more valuable than family. We love this idea of creating an illuminated picture frame (see picture above). Not only is it personalised, it also looks amazing!

We’ve collated some clever crafty ideas below in a Pinterest board that could provide you with some inspiration but failing that, of course, candles will always be your best bet – after all that’s why you’re here at Love Aroma! Have a wonderful Mother’s day!

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