We love home fragrance, but in this post, we thought we’d take a look at alternative ways to make your home smell amazing!

Scents can have a huge impact on our mood by evoking certain feelings and memories. A crisp, citrus smell might refresh and energise us, while a spicy, cinnamon scent might make us feel relaxed, reminding us of cosy winter nights. Equally, bad odours can make a home feel grim and uninviting. There are lots of ways to give your home a warm and welcoming smell, and using home fragrances is just one. For the times when you can’t just pop to your nearest Love Aroma store, or simply fancy something different, here are some of our favourite ways to make a home smell amazing without using any of our own products.

Neutralise odours with baking soda

Having a great smelling home isn’t just about adding scent – you also need to erase any nasty whiffs that are already there! Baking soda is a simple way to do this, and you probably already have some in your kitchen cupboard! For bad smells in confined spaces, just put the baking soda in a small bowl and leave in the offending area overnight. For fabric, upholstered furniture, or carpet, simply sprinkle on the baking soda, leave overnight, then hoover up.

Clean with lemon juice

When life gives you lemons…use them! Lemons are great for disinfecting, as well as having a clean and fresh scent. Use them as a cleaner by mixing half lemon juice and half water in a spray bottle. Spray on surfaces, wipe off with water, and enjoy the smell!

Keep indoor plants

Flowers and plants are a lovely, decorative way of keeping your home smelling sweet! Keeping fresh flowers in a vase will brighten your room and smell wonderful at the same time. If you’re not a fan of flowers, houseplants are longer lasting and can be quite easy to maintain. Eucalyptus trees omit a beautiful smell when rubbed and gardenias are known to be particularly fragrant. Remember, if you have pets, to check that your plant won’t be harmful to them.

Add scent to your lights

A really speedy trick is to take half a lemon and rub it on your light bulbs. When you switch on the light or lamp, and the bulb heats up, it will give off a lovely citrus scent. This also works with vanilla extract. Put a few drops on some cotton wool and rub on the light bulb. Of course, always be careful to rub only on the bulb and nowhere else on the light! If you enjoy the cosiness of candlelight, you can give fragrance to your unscented tea lights by adding coffee beans or cinnamon sticks. Simply place in a candle-holder or glass jar, and surround by the coffee or cinnamon. Then light, for a delicious scent!

Boil fruit and herbs on the stove

For fragrance that you can handpick yourself, and will last all day, boil your favourite ingredients on the stove. Fill a pan with water and add your extra ingredients. Citrus peel is a simple but effective option, as is cinnamon (both sticks and ground work equally well). Alternatively, add slices of lemon with sprigs of rosemary, or any herb of your choice, for a cosy, aromatic fragrance.


Of course, if that all sounds like too much, you can revert back to your trusty scented candle or reed diffuser!