Keeping on top of all the cleaning and housework can feel like an overwhelming task. Especially when it’s often left all to you! That’s why it’s perfectly acceptable to cheat your way to a clean house and spend your precious time doing something else that you enjoy instead!

Clean as you go

Cleaning often seems like such a big chore because things pile up. Psychologically, it’s much easier to wash one pan right now than it is to wash three pans and all the plates later. This is easiest when you’re cooking: wash up as you go along and there will be less mess at the end of your lovely meal. Wiping down surfaces once a day stops muck and grime piling up too.

If it looks clean, it is clean

There’s nothing better than a quick sweep or vacuum to make your home look clean. Dust, fluff, bits of mud from outside – all are quickly gone and your house looks much cleaner after only a couple of minutes!

Banish shoes

If a short burst of vacuuming still makes you shudder, banning shoes from the living areas of your house will quickly reduce the amount of cleaning you need to do. Train kids early to take their shoes off and it’ll become a habit – until they turn into teenagers…

Focus on the big things

There’s no point cleaning the cupboard under the sink or the outside shed if no one is going to see them. Focus on the main living areas of your house – kitchen, living room, dining room, bathroom. It’s up to you how often you clean your bedroom – and how messy your partner is!

Clear your surfaces with baskets

In our blog about keeping your home more organised, we talk about using baskets and containers to get rid of clutter and keep things organised. Containers can be great for keeping your home clean too. Just have a dedicated box for each room that you can quickly shove things in to. Remember – if it looks clean, it is clean!

Don’t use so many cleaning products

One multi-purpose cleaner and some hot water is often more than enough to make your home sparkling clean. In fact, to keep your bathroom looking brand new all you need is some white vinegar and water mixed in a spray bottle! Your taps will look amazing.

Use candles or cinnamon to make your house smell lovely and fresh

It’s one thing to make your house look beautifully clean but another to get it smelling beautiful. A few candles in strategic places around your house can do wonders. Or you can boil some cinnamon sticks in water to get a spicy aroma flowing from your kitchen.

Don’t get obsessed

It can be easy to get obsessed about having a clean home. Just remember these words of wisdom: cleaner than it was is better than dirty!

If all else fails…

Just turn the lights down low! No one will ever know!

Do you have any cleaning secrets that you swear by? Tell us what they are on social media!

Photography by Susy Morris