Those chilly mornings are starting to recede and sunshine is making a comeback; Spring is on its way. What better way to welcome the season than with flowers decorating your home? We’ve compiled some tips and tricks to help master the art of flower arranging.

Tape Grids

Sometimes, your blooms prove unhelpful when trying to arrange them. Instead of fanning out evenly, they cluster on one side of the vase. To prevent this from happening, stick a grid of tape over the vase so that you can neatly slot each bloom exactly where you want it. Don’t try this trick with a glass vase as you’ll be able to see the grid in all its untidiness. Stick with a coloured one, and use some leafy adornments if you need to further hide the tape if it’s still visible.

Photo from Sarah von Pollaro's AMAZING blog -

Photo from Sarah von Pollaro’s AMAZING blog –

Clusters of Smaller Blooms

Tiny flowers prefer to sit together in compositions, rather than being spread out evenly across the bouquet. A pebbledash scattering of smaller blooms can get lost amid larger ones, so turn six or seven little blooms into one big one. Don’t go overboard with this, as too many of these clustered flowers can end up looking cluttered. Use tape or string to keep them together, as they can disappear beneath the canopy of your bouquet.

Colour Concerns

It can be tempting to select the most vibrant blooms and throw them into a vase together, but be aware of the pitfalls of colour. It’s very difficult when working with multiple colours to balance your creation and stop it from looking too busy. Stick with one colour to begin with, and experiment with different adorning shades. Alternatively, choose a light, pastel colour as your base, and add dramatic, matching blooms. A carpet of pink dianthus, for example, could be complimented by bold, red roses.

Emulate Nature

The art of flower arranging is too often mistaken for a science, that there is a definite goal to be achieved, a perfect form to be attained. This couldn’t be further from the truth. While individual blooms are often symmetrical, Mother Nature permits her garden to grow as it pleases; wild and messy. Don’t be afraid to copy her. Reject the conventional pyramid structure; let the peak of your arrangement sit somewhere to the left. If it’s looking too stiff and formal, throw in some wispy fern or asparagus fronds. Play with it, and be guided by your own opinion.

Environment Matters

You’ve created your beautiful arrangement and you want to display it centrepiece, right in the window, for everyone to look jealously into your living room. But beware; hot conditions sap the vitality from your flowers. A temperate environment is better for your plants, neither in direct sunlight, nor somewhere that is too cold. If you’ve created this composition specifically for a gathering or party, make sure you store the flowers somewhere cool after you’ve arranged them, bringing them out only minutes before your first guests arrive. This way, they will remain vibrant the whole time you are entertaining, and your hard work can be appreciated!