We are more than aware of the coming season and are rushing around to decorate our homes, as well as getting enough treats in the house; there’s nothing worse than sending a trio of miniature monsters away because you have nothing to give them. Except perhaps having your house decorated in eggs by slightly larger monsters for the same reason.

So, we thought we could give some friendly and money-saving tips for how to best decorate your house for Halloween easily and without spending half the month planning it out. We’ve gone for the classics but feel free to customise – the joy of Halloween is being as creative as possible in terrifying all of those local monsters, after all.

Pumpkins – a classic

Pumpkins are of course one of the easiest and most fun ways to ‘Halloween’ your house without becoming a tired zombie in the process. Cut your own with friends and family and make sure to save the cut-out pumpkin insides – a chilli and some coconut milk can turn it into a delicious soup (and a bit of food colouring can change that delicious soup into a boil-and-bogies-green seasonal meal).

Of course, as important as the pumpkins are, it’s just as important to make sure the candles inside are bright and spooky enough to complement your artwork. Grab some Yankee Candle Unscented Tea Lights to light up those pumpkins with the ethereal, scary glow that you’ll only find one night a year!

Candelabras, cloth, and crazy eyes

The next thing you have to worry about once you’ve finished decorating the house is decorating yourself. As always with these things, you get as much as you put in, so if you want to throw on a bed sheet and pretend to be a ghost all night that’s up to you, but don’t blame us if the little monsters aren’t particularly impressed. Acting – of course – plays into this an awful lot, so make sure to spend some time practising you best Wicked Witch (or mother-in-law) stare in the mirror so you can scare as many monsters off of your candy as possible.

Photo by Lori Erickson

As far as clothes are concerned, go for something that looks dirty, old, and frayed (perhaps borrow something from that mother-in-law) – if you feel like ruining a wedding dress for the occasion, go right ahead; if you’re not feeling quite that extravagant that’s fair enough – the important stuff, after all, is the accessories.

Lots of jewellery, white make-up and – our personal favourite – a candelabra can really round off an outfit. Of course, we would say that – we provide the candles. But Halloween can be a great excuse to have your house smelling great after you slice the pumpkin up in the kitchen – some of our Halloween scented candles will be a great choice to get your entire house filled with warm, comforting vibes to contrast with the scary stuff on the outside.

Of course, you needn’t stop at just decorating yourself! Why not call in a few favours from a feline friend or dress the dog in decadent design?


The next big thing that should be on your list to give your house a Halloween feel is the right kind of lighting. Of course, we’re going to say candles are the best way to give your house the flickering, spooky feel you want. We stock a large range of Halloween-themed candles and are particularly proud of our Yankee Candle Halloween range.

Of course, there are other things you can do to give your house the spooky illumination you’re looking for – closing the curtains and a carefully placed lamp could have the required effect, or re-using those Christmas tree lights in the right place can do wonders. Make it your own and have fun with it; that’s what Halloween’s really about, after all.

The Finishing Touches

We’re almost ready to put a film on and wait for the first ring at the doorbell from the creatures that come out after dark. The last thing to do is to just add a few personal finishing touches – any bits of tat or a plastic (or real) skull on the front porch could do the trick, or you could add a splash of paint to the front garden to give it that nice, wholesome, blood-stained feel. Whatever you do, have fun with it and be original – this is your house and you should make it feel like your own.

One thing you should always remember, however, is to get hold of some sweets before any knocks on the door – after all, the worst thing you could do is send those three monsters back down the drive after you’ve gone through all that effort of decorating it in the first place.

Happy Halloween from the Love Aroma team!