The summer months are – thankfully – fast approaching from the grey winter we’ve had, and it’s a great time to start thinking about how you’re going to make your space ready to celebrate that properly! Over the colder months, we all tend to stay inside a lot longer, leave the windows closed and generally make the place a lot stuffier, mustier and smellier than any of us would like. That’s just the seasonal circle – it’s what happens and of course this is why we have a good ol’ fashioned spring clean. But past having a clean, how should you get your home properly ready for summer, as opposed to just cleaned out from winter? Well, we’ve asked a few people and had a think and we’re very pleased to say we’ve come up with this post jam-packed full of ideas! Hope you enjoy it and feel free to let us know what you think!

First and foremost, you should always – always – update your bed linen to give your bedroom a new, lighter feel. Throw out the enormous duvet you’ve been hibernating under and get your hands on something much lighter to sleep in now the nights are going to start getting a lot warmer. It’s not just the duvet, though – for a real change in your perspective and to remind yourself that summer is coming, why not buy some new, fresh, clean sheets to throw over that lovely thin duvet? There are few things more in-tune with your psyche than how your bed looks (think Tracy Emin’s, Ron Muek’s, or Elvis’ hamburger bed), and so you should take special care in making where you sleep right for you!

Another great move to welcome in the summer months – and again it may seem obvious but it’s often not something people consciously do, which makes all the difference – is packing away your winter clothes. Coats, scarves and gloves may well have been essential in winter and still looking good during the spring, but summer is coming now so it’s time to find space in the cupboard for the old clothes and do some throwing out – you’ll be astonished at how much space this frees up and what a difference it can have on your home! Don’t chuck every coat you have in the cupboard, though: this is the UK after all and there might could definitely will be some bad weather that you’ll have to deal with. If you’re short on space and have too many clothes to deal with, a great way around this is to vacuum pack your clothes – even if you don’t have the equipment, a few sealed bags and a hoover does more-or-less the same thing, and it’s a great way to fit more into the space that’s available to you.

Packing away winter clothes is a great way to make some room for Summer!

Packing away winter clothes is a great way to make some room for Summer!

This is going to sound even more generic – we know, we can’t believe it either – but giving your house a solid, proper, full-day clean of everything will also help to brighten everything up and get your home feeling light, airy and summery. Open up all of your windows for a day or two (safely, of course) and let some freshness into your space. All of that winter must will float away in the draft. Similarly, give all of your pillows, cushions, rugs, etc. etc. a bash outside to get the dust off, and make sure to hoover everywhere – it might seem like a painful day (it certainly does to us) but it’ll make all the difference in the long run and will brighten up your home enormously! Fresh air is coming from the outside, but if you don’t let it into your place then it’ll make no difference at all. Your house has to be summery inside and out for you to feel the benefits!

Opening up the windows all around your home and letting the natural light and air in will work wonders!

Opening up the windows all around your home and letting the natural light and air in will work wonders! If only we all had a view like this!

Letting the fresh air into your home is a great start – letting that new summer light into your home is the next step. Getting rid of the thick curtains, giving your windows a good clean inside and out (you can’t imagine how dirty windows get over winter) and opening up the blinds won’t only make your house a much lighter, airier place to be; it’ll also make your entire home feel much more spacious and open, and – we find – it’ll have an immensely positive effect on you as well. Us humans are designed to soak up as much sun as possible, and just by opening your curtains and letting some light in will remind you of how much better you can feel with some light in your life. If you’re not comfortable with opening your windows up entirely for the whole world to see, find some lighter, whiter fabric curtains that will let a lot of light in whilst preserving your privacy. Muslin and similar fabrics are a great contemporary choice for the summer months.

Now you’re letting summer into your home in the form of fresh air and wonderful all-natural light, it’s time to start getting imaginative with how else you’re letting nature into your home. Indoor plants make for wonderful viewing and will also refresh your air for you when the time comes to close a few windows, and flowers and even a humble fruit bowl will add bright, vibrant colours into your space and will fill your home with natural, calming fragrances. Decorating your home with flowers and other natural products is a great way to welcome in the summer months, and will have your home feeling like a holiday pad in no time!

Yet another great move is decluttering the spare room (or wherever you put all of the stuff you don’t know what to do with). To leave a space like this untouched and just as a place to store far too much stuff is a downright criminal waste of space and has to be sorted out. After all, that space could be used for so much more than just a dumping ground – home office, anyone? The first step in decluttering any space like this is to ask yourself “have I used this once in the last year?” – if the answer is no, throw it out! It’s that simple and as long as you’re ruthless with yourself there shouldn’t be too many problems. Remember to trust your first instincts, and go with whatever your first decision is right away – if you let yourself ponder too long about this or that you’ll lose sight of what you’re trying to do and that cannot happen!

Keep things like seed packets, recipe cards or even school letters together in one place!

Keep things like seed packets, recipe cards or even school letters together in one place!

Of course, there is a reason you put all of this stuff in the spare room in the first place – because you had nowhere else to put it! Making the most of your space is an essential part of keeping your home tidy and open and not feeling like too much of a hoarder! We’ve already mentioned vacuum packing your clothes, but another great way to make the most of space is simple – use the walls! There is more wall space than anything else available in any home you care to name, and using this is the key to opening up your home and using all the available space. There are one hundred and one ways online to make the most out of your home and to fill it with empty space (seemingly), from adding extra cupboards high up near the celling to adding extra coat pegs in the spare room, but they all come down to the same thing – use the wall space. It’s simple, it’s easy, and it’s very, very effective.

So, you’ve opened up your space, given everything a clean, changed the bed linen, changed the curtains, let some fresh air in, picked some flowers and added a fruit bowl. What else is there left to do to get your home feeling great? Well, it certainly looks wonderful but there’s an extra touch that we will be thrilled to provide – it is, of course, fragrancing your home! It’s all very well making everything look great, but without that extra touch of smell, it won’t feel quite right. Scenting your home is just as important in creating a good, warm environment as cleaning it, and we have just the thing for bringing in the summer months in style!

Our favourite summer perfumes this season are Yankee Candle’s sensuous Black Coconut and their simple Clean Cotton fragrances – both and wonderfully sunny perfumes that will drift delightfully through your newly cleaned and aerated home. Another two fragrances we’re immensely excited about is WoodWick’s Vanilla Bean candle, and their Summer Fruits trilogy candle. Both are wonderfully sweet and summery, evoking ideas of sunny fruit groves or lush forests. These candles are complemented beautifully by WoodWick’s signature wooden wick, which adds a depth to the perfumes that is truly unmistakeable.

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Photography by PeppysisChiot’s RunAimee & Paul Bogush and nociveglia.