Anyone who owns a cat, dog or other indoor creature will understand that they aren’t always the freshest of critters. Accidents happen and spills occur, leaving you with an unfavourable smell inside your home. It’s not the best thing to have when you have guests over, and that is why Love Aroma has created a easy-to-follow guide to help you succeed using a mixture of our favourite products and techniques. Here are just some of the ways you can remove odours from the home.

Work with your home

One of the first things you should consider when you have pets is if your home can work with them. By this, we mean if you have selected the right décor options. Think about it – if you have a dog or a puppy, you may not want to opt for wall-to-wall carpet due to muddy paws and accidents. On the other hand, cat owners may find that choosing to paint walls rather than wallpaper could avoid unsightly scratches and accidental sprays. If you select the right wall and floor coverings, you should be able to minimise pet smells and make it easier to maintain.

Fragrance Lamps

Without doubt, the single best way to get rid of pet smells is with a fragrance lamp. Unlike candles and reed diffusers, fragrance lamps actually destroy the bad odours rather than just masking them. How do they do this you ask? Using a a catalytic converter – the same type used in hospitals in the 1800’s to rid the air of bacteria and disease. Whilst hospitals no longer use them (they’ve got cleaner since then thank goodness), the technology still works its wonders today! Take a look at Lampe Berger and Ashleigh & Burwood, the two market leaders in fragrance lamps.


Lemon and citrus scents

For years, citrus fruits such as lemons and oranges have been used to remove the scent of pets and have been proven a success. For this reason, we highly recommend choosing one of the citrus scented products from Yankee Candle. Regardless of the size of product you purchase, you’ll always receive a refreshing and noticeable smell that stays in a room, even after you’ve finished burning them. The Lemon Lavender Jar Candle from Yankee is a good option to go with, especially since it comes in a variety of different products including car air fresheners – great for those who take their dogs on journeys.


Reed diffusers

Using reed diffusers in the home when you have pets is a simple way to get a burst of freshness without having to do anything. Best of all, you can control the amount of fragrance you receive by flipping the reed sticks over. We stock many different reed diffusers for your convenience that will help you create an inviting and attractive smell in your home. For this, we recommend the Yankee Candle Vanilla Lime diffuser, pictured below.


It’s important to note that strong smells could be bad for your pet’s respiratory system. If you are going to remove pet smells using strong incense sticks or candles, make sure your furry friends get enough fresh air – always see your vet if you are concerned. For more information regarding home fragrance with pets, get in touch or browse further through our website to discover the flavours and scents we have.