Spring is almost here and finally the end of winter is in sight! It’s not over just yet however and it’ll be a while before any one of us will be whistling their way through the park just yet. Most houses by now will have that distinct ‘lived in’ feel that comes with spending a lot of time away from the cold, and that feel certainly could do with some perfume and fresh scents to cut through the rest. But before we get into the different perfumes, we suggest giving your house that all-important post-Christmas spruce; we’re planning on going over a few different tactics to bring you out of the dark and into the light.


One tactic we love in the post-Christmas months is a complete and serious declutter to get rid of the various bits of plastic, paper and general stuff that tends to fill houses after the festive period – there’s so much stuff that ends up in a house during winter and it’s great to get rid of any old clothes and other rubbish you no longer need and is just taking up space. Save half a day, go around the house, and throw out anything you feel like – it’ll be immensely satisfying when you’re finished and suddenly there’ll be a lot more room to move. We usually start by clearing out the wardrobes – check out this amazing guide to making some more wardrobe space if you’re stuck for ideas.

Here's a picture of a Spring lamb to inspire you!

Here’s a picture of a Spring lamb to inspire you!

All About the Colour

Yet another move for the start of spring is a quiet change in colour scheme – break out some brighter bed sheets if you have them and get some daffodils or other flowers in a vase in your kitchen – it’s a simple touch but it makes an enormous difference. Also, if you have the opportunity, even cracking open a tin of paint and painting some of your walls with fresh, vibrant colours can also be a wonderful and enjoyable way to spruce up your home. Of course, this does take a bit more work and is certainly more expensive than buying some new floral candles or reed diffusers, but may well be worth doing once every few years to liven up your home.

Air Out

Another great move is airing all of your furniture, rugs, and that kind of stuff – over the winter stale air has got into your pillows and furniture and taking them outside to fill them with new air and get the old stuff out isn’t just quietly symbolic; it’s genuinely a great opportunity to get your house smelling fresh and new.

If you’re spending some time outside the house and can leave a window open safely, aerating your entire house is also a great idea – just by turning the heating off and letting the air flow move through your home, it’ll clean out all of the old odours and other stale air from winter and make your home a much cleaner-smelling and fresh place to live. Of course, this does only count if you can open a window safely or don’t mind spending a couple of days in the cold – make sure that you and your house is safe before you air the house, but if you can, it’s well worth it.

This new, cleaner environment you’ve created for yourself and your home, is a perfect place to start experimenting with new scents and fragrances within your living space – now the entire house has been aerated and cleansed properly, any new perfume will take to the space beautifully and, with nothing else to counteract the scent, will fill the air as it was designed to do. For the season, we suggest the floral or fresh range we’ve created, inspired by nature of course. The fresh scents are particularly calming and complementary of the season, with fragrances such as linen and cotton, lotus flower and jasmine, and green tea. Scents such as these suit the fresh air and will complement and purify the air in your home with great delicacy.

Get Fragrancing!

Some of our favourite fragrances from the fresh range include Yankee Candle’s Clean Cotton candle. This simple, fresh, and cleansing scent has a beautiful effect on the senses and is combined with wonderfully complementary floral notes of white oriental flowers, fresh grass and a hint of powerful, citrusy lemon. Together these notes make a fresh, calming chord, which moves through the house and is a great way to freshen your entire home after the long, musty winter.

Another great perfume from our floral range which would suit the coming spring and the refreshed, new feel after winter comes from one of our favourite candle producers – Stoneglow – in the form of their Orange Blossom and Muguet Modern Classic Candle. This simple, traditional scent is a rich, flavourful one with different notes of citrusy orange and hints of oriental jasmine and is a great choice for filling a bedroom or even your entire home with the warming glow of a fresh spring and the melting snow. This particular candle is also proud to be made locally here in the UK and would make a stylish gift.

Whether you’re planning on shaking up your house after the festive season simply by giving everything a dust off, throwing some stuff out, or aerating your entire house for a few days, there will be something you can do to get it feeling like it’s brand new again. Whatever tactic you use to clean up the house and get it smelling great again, we suggest you treat yourself to some new, clean, refreshing candles to spruce up your home and get it smelling simply great again. Whatever fragrance you’re looking for, we’re certain we’ll have exactly what you’re looking for right here – whether it’s as a scented candle, a lamp fragrance, a reed diffuser or through good old fashioned incense sticks. Happy shopping and we wish you a very enjoyable spring and the rest of the year!

Images by Katarina Jardenberg and Sarah Macmillan.