This April, Yankee Candle is treating us to a collection of four new fragrances that perfectly captures the atmosphere of the Mediterranean. Each scent encapsulates a different facet of the region, from the serenity of Greek olive orchards, to the glistening coasts of south-east France. Below, we’ve explored the different ingredients of each fragrance, expertly blended by the master crafters at Yankee Candle to bring us this stunning new range. 

Sea Salt & Sage

Crisp notes of bergamot and sea salt evoke that piercing freshness that can only be experienced on a sun-kissed coast. Lavender and sage add a breezy element to the scent that dispels the heaviness of a muggy day and replaces it with a clean and fragrant aroma, while heady amber gives the candle longevity and depth. This fragrance would perfectly compliment the bathroom or sun lounge, especially if nautically themed!

Riviera Escape

This fragrance, which lends its name to the whole collection, represents the excitement and thrill of holidaying somewhere new. Floral and marine accords embody those coastal walks to unexplored horizons, while sea grass and amber whisk you away from your living room to the balmy seaside. This candle makes the perfect gift as its ingredients are gentle enough to be enjoyed by everyone, and can be placed anywhere in the home without fear of the aroma being too cloying or overbearing.

Olive & Thyme

Fragrant thyme and musk underpin this earthy fragrance, radiating a delicate, yet masculine aroma. Sweet notes of orange and the tart zest of lemons form the top notes, and olive leaf asserts itself throughout as a distinctly Mediterranean scent. This is a great wind-down fragrance, something to enjoy after a hard day’s work when in need of relaxation.

Summer Peach

Yankee Candle knows that food is the doorway to the heart, and have created this candle with this in mind. We love fragrances that make our mouth water, and none do so better than Summer Peach. Sweet, fruity notes emanate from this scent, evoking memories of summer adventures and picnic blankets. Soft musk and vanilla rein in this olfactory delight, adding a cosy intimacy that makes it the ultimate bedroom candle.

Yankee Candle excels in ensuring that their collections have something for everyone, from the lover of fruity gourmands, to those who prefer a more subtle, floral scent. These fragrances would all make perfect gifts for that sun addict in your life who can’t get enough of the holidays and is already planning their next.

But don’t neglect yourself! You’re certain to find a new favourite from the range.  The Riviera Escape collection comes in a multitude of sizes, from wax tartlets and votives, to small, medium and large jars. If you’re struggling to decide, come in store, try them all out, and ask for our staff’s opinions. Nothing says summer like a Riviera Escape, so treat yourself!