This year, Yankee Candle have announced a new way to fragrance your home with your favourite Yankee Candle fragrances. It’s called Scenterpiece and is taking the home fragrancing world by storm! Similar to wax melts, Scenterpiece melts the wax using heat from below rather than using a wick like a traditional candle. Unlike wax melts however, the wax is contained in Yankee Candle’s new MeltCup. The MeltCup keeps the wax in place, meaning you can swap fragrances quickly and cleanly. No more leaving your wax burner in the fridge or trying to scoop the remaining wax out with a spoon!

How are MeltCup’s different to Wax Melts?

Whilst the wax and fragrances are the same, the new MeltCup’s come in a plastic container. This makes it super easy to remove and swap for a different fragrance. It means you can have the elegance and safety of melting wax (rather than an open flame with a candle), but also the ease of changing fragrance when you want to!

Can I use Yankee Candle MeltCup’s in my wax melt burner?

Unfortunately not. Because the wax in the MeltCup is held in place by a plastic cup, if you were to place it in a traditional melt burner, parts of the plastic would melt too, or worse, catch fire. That’s why we only recommened you use the MeltCup with your Scenterpiece.

Can I use Yankee wax melts in my scenterpiece?

No, Yankee Candle wax melts are designed to be used with traditional melt burners. There are however electric wax melt burners now available, so it is still just as safe!

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