Did you know, that April is decorating month? Created to help people focus on getting the things done around their home they’ve wanted to for the past few months, we think it’s a great idea! Not that we need much encouragement ourselves to through some paint around and spruce up the living room with a new throw or some effortlessly placed scatter cushions. Nonetheless, anything that helps spread the joy of amazing interiors and the incredible affect it can have on your mind. Where we live and our surroundings have an enormous impact on our mood and general happiness levels. That’s why painting your whole house black is never recommended! Luckily, we’ve found some amazing interiors that should help you to feel great and won’t cost the earth!

Healthy FoodGet Growing!

Perhaps the best way to feel great in your home is to inject a bit of life – and what better way to do that than actually introduce life! Whilst many of us have pets already, a surprisingly low number of households have any living plants. Some simple foliage can work wonders, particularly in bedrooms where they can help cleanse and purify the air.

We also love to grow fresh herbs in the kitchen. Not only does it bring some colour and freshness to the room, it makes cooking up tasty homemade meals a doddle! Sprinkle some basil leaves over a tomato and mozzarella salad and you have a heavenly flavour combination that is good for you too! Bonus!


Have Fun

We’ve been conditioned by Country Living to live in neutral, country style retreats, and whilst it is nice for much of the house, sometimes it is great to let your inner child out. If you’ve got a cloakroom room, why not treat that as a bit of a play area for bright colours? Think fuchsia. Or lime green! Or pink with yellow spots. How about a laundry room with chalkboard walls and invite the kids in to draw dinosaurs on them? Sure, if you decorated your whole house this way, it wouldn’t make for great viewing, but having a bit of fun in a lesser room is sure to make you smile. Smiling is good. 🙂

Ikea Foto PendantBrighten up

“The quickest way to get yourself down is to live in a dark home.” That’s a quote we’ve just come up with, but we honestly believe in it! Invest in some new bright lighting for the main living areas like the kitchen. Under cabinet lighting can add light to places you didn’t think you needed it and recessed spotlights can provide a nice blanket covering that you can then accent using drop pendants. It needn’t cost a lot either. Ikea have some lovely new designs or you could get creative and up cycle something from eBay.

Feel good fragrance

A blog post from Love Aroma wouldn’t be the same without a brief mention of home fragrance, so here are three fragrances to get you feeling great this April:

Fairy Dust – Our expert Lorraine Love said, “Fairy dust is tempting just because of its magical name.” We agree.

Vanilla Cupcake – Sweet and fun, just like cupcakes. How could this not put a smile on your face?

Dreamsicle Daydream – Silky orange cream sorbet & rich vanilla will have you dreaming of cool treats of summers gone by.

Let us know of your favourites in the comments below.

Images by Scott Granneman and Andreas Winterer.