Jar candles are one of the greatest ways to achieve a pleasant, long-lasting smell in your home. However, once the wick has burnt, you’re often left with a lot of wax and nothing to burn it with which can sometimes be a waste. Across the UK, governments have set up recycling initiatives for certain materials including glass, but with the wax residue left, jars are unsuitable for recycling too. Avoid this issue by recycling your wax. Very few people know that wax is actually recyclable and that you don’t have to throw the last of it away. Here are just a few of Love Aroma’s favourite ways to make the most of a jar candle.

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Once your wick has finished burning, you should be left with melted wax. You need to act fast on this as it will only be a matter of time before it dries. If you have missed it, you will need to melt the wax again to get it out of the jar. It’s similar to melting chocolate over the stove. Using a saucepan of hot water, gradually melt the wax while stirring over a medium/low heat. Be careful though – the glass may break with the heat so do not let the temperature get too high.


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Now that you have the melted wax of your favourite scented candle, you can pour it into its new container. To make a wax tart to use over a burner, pour the wax into paper cupcake cases and leave to set. When you need to use a tart, carefully peel off the case and you’ll have a tart ready to scent your home once again. Other uses include mixing the wax with citronella oil – which can be found at your local pharmacy – to burn as an outdoor insect repellent or with dryer lint as fire starters.


What to do with the glass jar

If you don’t recycle your glass products or would like to keep the jar, there are many things that you can do with it. For instance, you could use it as a place to store loose change, pens, or use it to get creative and crafty with the kids. There are tutorials that you can find online to help you reuse the jar itself – the only thing that isn’t recommended is to use it with a candle once again. After the jar has been used, the glass is weaker, meaning that if it is placed with heat again there is a chance that it could break when more heat is applied.

Additionally, if you want to make your jar candles last longer without involving the DIY aspects, the Yankee Candle Love Your Candle Care Kit will help you prolong the life of your candles effortlessly. It’s great as a gift or as a treat for you.