No winter lasts forever and Spring is nature’s way of saying “let’s brighten up and party”!

Every season sparks a little excitement in us but the onset of Spring revitalises us in way that probably no other season does! And with March finally here, it’s time for you to take a deep breath, feel the fresh air and start planning to push the restart button after winter hibernation!

Don’t you feel that everything is screaming for your attention, demanding to be de-cluttered? Whether it’s your cupboards, kitchen cabinets, bath shelves or any other storage space! Take into what is bound to be a cleaning spree! Maybe start with one room at a time or with smaller spaces.


Your bathroom is probably the most neglected area during the Winter! After all, the thought of chilly-tiles touching our feet is enough to keep us away! We barely survive our bathing routine, cleaning it becomes almost unimaginable! But the warm and breezy weather of March calls for a deep-cleanse.

  • I bet your cabinets are overflowing and shelves are cluttered with deep cleansing moisturisers and cracked lips products! Well, dump or replace anything and everything which is not required anymore! Whilst it may be tempting to hold onto them until next Winter, that’s 6 months of space a quarter of a jar of £2 product is taking up. Is it really worth using that space for the sake of 40 pence of product that may or may not have gone off by the time we hit our next cold patch?
  • Do you remember the colour your bathroom tiles and how squeaky clean they used to be? Get a scrubber and bring back the sparkle that your bathroom deserves!
  • Change the curtains or dust and wash down those blinds.
  • And after you are done with cleaning, maybe add a plant to enhance the spring charm!


Spring comes with some irresistible, mouth-watering Veggies and Fruits but before you go out to buy some, make space in your fridge and cupboards so you can fit these seasonal foods in without squishing everything else!

  • While at it, take advantage of your cleansing-mood and eliminate any unnecessary things that don’t belong in your kitchen this season! It’s also a good time to chuck out any naughty chocolates that have been lingering since Christmas. If you’ve somehow managed to resist the urge for this long (well done!), you simply don’t need them.
  • Set your cabinets and drawers free of any expired products, wipe the shelves with disinfectant, reline them with fresh paper and then restack your spotless storage spaces with new products.
  • Of course, don’t forget about the appliances, dishes, windows, curtains, countertop and any remaining surfaces!


Pack away those big fat blankets and open your windows to let some fresh air in! It’s that time of the year when you need to reclaim your bedroom for the safe-haven it used to be!

  • Start with the clumsiest place in the bedroom. In the name of organising, how many times have you dumped the things lying around on your bed into the closets? Well, with this in mind, it’s time to clear, donate or discard clothes and anything that you don’t wear or use anymore.
  • Sort out the winter clothes and accessories, send them to launderette or dry-clean and tuck them properly in a cool, dry place.
  • Be ruthless with your vanity table! Throw away any expired products and the ones which you have been planning to use since eternity but never end up using! Yes, these can be lipsticks, eye-shadows, blushes, lotions, jewellery and what not!
  • Strip your bedroom to clean the curtains, bed sheets, comforters and replace these with light, pastel or bright coloured linens. Maybe take inspiration from the Pantone Colour of the Year.
  • Take a rag along with your vacuum cleaner and dust all the surfaces, from doorknobs, switchboards, decorative objects, lamps to carpets!

Living Room

They say “first impressions are the most lasting” and when you have guests coming round, the living room is often what they will see at first! It doesn’t matter how clean your toilets, kitchen or bedrooms are, if your living area is cluttered with mess then you may as well give up now!

  • Repeat all the things which I have mentioned before and maybe put in some extra efforts to turn your living into a captivating focal area.
  • Cleanse everything from linens, couch, decorative pieces, accent lights, carpets, television unit to coffee table and all the other possible furnishings that you own!

Don’t we all like to flaunt a bit? Well, spring could be the best time to throw a party!

After all, your hard-work in making your home spotless shouldn’t go to waste! With some aesthetic additions and personal touches you can make your home even more pretty and party-ready!

The internet is full of ideas for amazing Spring parties. To get started, try ideas like bringing indoor flowers and plants, chirpy-printed linens for draping, a splendid table-scape or accentuating the walls with string lights can help make your place warmer and guest-friendly! In addition, scented candles may come in handy as these can help illuminate one’s mood leading the person towards tranquillity!

It may all sound a bit overwhelming but with a bit of patience and planning it is definitely achievable! Wouldn’t it be exciting to see that with every passing day you are nearing completion? Well, to help motivate yourself, jot down your ‘March To-Do List’ on a piece of paper and check the boxes every time you are done with one the chores!

All the best and happy cleaning!