Summer is finally around the corner! It’s time to freshen up your home and garden and get ready for the warmer months.  Here are a few tips to help the transition go smoothly during the merry month of May…

Maintenance around the house

  • Have your roof checked for loose or damaged tiles and get them repaired if necessary. Bad winter/spring weather can also cause certain elements of your windows and doors to crack resulting in leaks and drafts—check for broken seals.
  • Clean out the dead leaves and other debris from your guttering and check for any areas that may need to be repaired; it’s easy for drains to become blocked in harsh weather.
  • If you fancy giving the outside of your house a face-lift then now is the time to do it! Re-painting the exterior of your house can bring a whole new lease of life to tired-looking walls.

Freshening up the inside

  • Brighten up your home by cleaning your windows and doors of any post-winter grime and dirt. This simple task will let in more light and get you on the road to discovering that summer feeling.  You can also spruce up your walls with a fresh coat of paint. Bright and vibrant colours work wonders for sweeping away your winter woes.
  • Bring the outdoors indoors! Throw open your doors and windows and bring in some fresh cut flowers or potted plants.  Nothing quite clears out the musty, wintery mood like fresh-air and flowers; it’s time to replace it with the sounds and smells of summer!
  • Now is the best time to de-clutter and re-arrange your garages and sheds. The warmer and drier weather means you can pull everything outside to make the job easier.  While you’re there, dig out your fans in preparation for a heatwave (hopefully). Clean up your ceiling fans and check they are working.
  • Defrost your freezer and clean out the fridge to make space for delicious summer goodies. It’s barbecue season so stock up on burgers, hot dogs, salads and dips.  Make sure to save enough space for ice-cream!
  • As the warmer weather roles in, it’s a good idea to swap your heavy duvets and quilts for thinner and lighter sheets and blankets. Freshen up your bedroom with new vibrant pillow cases and linen.  Spring and summer also means it’s time to bring out your favourite clothes than barely get a look in.  Rotate your wardrobe, ditch your frumpy jumpers and reintroduce your summer dresses and strappy tops.

In your garden

  • As the drier weather moves in, it’s time to spruce up your garden. May is a good time to plant herbs, such as sage, basil, thyme and oregano.   It is also the month to sow sunflower and poppy seeds, ready for them to attract butterflies and bees to your garden as the summer progresses.  You should also repaint your fences, decking and other outdoor furniture while the rain holds off.
  • It’s not summer until you have invited all your friends and family over for a garden party! Tidy your decking, scrub up your grill, and stock up on charcoal—it’s time for a barbecue!


As we all know, the summer doesn’t always last that long.  Crack on with your chores in May so you can sit back enjoy the rest of the summer in peace; from here on out it’s all about summer frocks, barbecues and ice-cream!