Mixology is the simple practise of taking two or more of your favourite scents and combing them together in whatever combination you please. Normally, wax tarts are the very best way of combining the perfumes because the essential oils can be melted together easily and are released all at the same time in one infusion. This mixture is a wonderful idea – we’re so pleased to be able to provide our customers with a way to experiment with their favourite fragrances and make their own, and we very much enjoy it ourselves. There’s loads of easy ways to get started with mixing your own fragrances, but one thing you will need – and we’re certain you’ll enjoy immensely because we certainly do – is a wax melt burner. Fortunately, we stock a range of melt burners, and we’ll be happy to talk you through what you should consider.

First and foremost, the most important thing in all wax burners is getting the heat of the wax just right – it needs to be hot enough to (of course) melt the wax and release the delicate and sumptuous fragrances locked within, but also not too hot to burn anything or damage the fragrances as they escape from the liquid wax. Fortunately, we are lucky enough to test everything we sell before we offer it to our customers, and so we already have you covered there – all of the warmers available here will burn at just the right temperature for you to properly enjoy your melts, and whilst of course each product is designed for each designers’ specific candle, we haven’t had any problems combining a wax tart from Yankee Candle and a melt burner from WoodWick, for example.

However, in this area as with so many others, Yankee Candle are leading the charge and have a wide variety of stylish, cleverly and carefully designed burners for you to have a look at. Whether you prefer an electric burner or like to keep the candle spirit alive with a more traditional burner, we have what you’re looking for right here. Style, of course, is important, and the most stylish warmer in our collection as far as we’re concerned (though of course you’re more than welcome to disagree) is Yankee’s Turning Stone Grey Melt Warmer. This is wonderfully minimalist and simple in design, and would be a truely great addition to every home. It’s a great holder: it looks good and works well and we love it and we’re certain you’ll love it too.

Finally, we just about have space to go over some of our favourite scent combinations here at Love Aroma. Our office favourite (for the moment, at least) is a mixture of Yankee Candle’s Fireside Treats and Sweet Strawberry fragrances. The two sweet, lively perfumes complement each other wonderfully, and bring out a huge variety of texture and notes that are barely there in the original fragrances. A wonderful, heady mixture that we’re very proud to have invented. That of course is the best bit about mixology – whatever you’ve made is yours! Making scents personal to you is a great hobby, and we’re hoping you’ll love it as much as we do.