When it comes to home fragrance, scent is the first thing we all think about. And whilst fragrance is obviously the most important part of a scented candle, the look of it is also incredibly important. Who wants an ugly looking candle? Not us! But, as they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and this is certainly true when it comes to colour! We all inject our own personality into our homes through the use of colour, so finding accessories and candles that fit in to our homes can be tricky. In this blog post, we highlight some of our favourite black candles, which would look great in a modern house or by using it to add a bit of depth to an Elephants Breath coloured-room.

Black Coconut Large JarYankee Candle Black Coconut

One of our all time favourite fragrances also looks great too! The black wax is quite rare in a candle as many black candles are just dipped with black wax. That’s because it can be quite expensive to produce a solid black wax candle. Yankee has done it though, and we think it looks great! In case you were wondering what it smells like, imagine coconut, with a musky undertone. Absolutely divine!

Yankee Candle Black Coconut Large Jar – £19.99

Ashleigh & Burwood Dark Vapour LampDark Vapour Lamp

Not a candle, but nonetheless, looks great with dark mosaic patterns! The design almost looks smokey, and of course with a lamp, you can pair it with whichever lamp fragrance you want – making it perfect for those of us who love to keep the look but change the fragrance of our home depending on the season!

Ashleigh & Burwood Dark Vapour Lamp – £26.99

madebyzen Black Sotomadebyzen Soto Aroma Diffuser

Finally, one of our newer product ranges that has been particularly popular with Love Aroma staff and customers alike, is the madebyzen range. It’s an electronic diffuser, meaning it can fragrance the air in your home whilst adding moisture back into your surroundings. Like the fragrance lamp, you can swap the fragrances as often as you wish as well. The Soto Aroma Diffuser looks super modern and slick too – almost like something Apple would design!

madebyzen Black Soto Aroma Diffuser – £49.99