The summer holidays are fast approaching and bringing with it an awful lot of different things for an awful lot of different people – kids home from school/holidays away/a simple week off/trips outdoors/a more excitable pet/a hay fever medicine stocktake. As such, we’ve decided to bring you a few tips to enjoying your summer holidays as much as possible the only way we know how – by enjoying the variety of fragrances we keep here for you at Love Aroma!

It may seem like a small thing, but a great touch for us when we take our holidays is leaving a fresh wax tart in our luggage as we travel. Not only will it liven up your hotel room when you get to where you’re going, it’ll also be a wonderful addition to your luggage as you travel, so when you arrive your clothes will be as fresh and fragrant as you deserve to be when you’re enjoying your holiday. In addition, that wonderful feeling of opening a new box of perfume will hit you all at once when you open your suitcase. It’s a small thing, but a great tip and we’re all big fans (when we remember to do it, of course – for us packing can be a bit of a rush on occasion).

Baby powderAnother great piece of advice we picked up somewhere if you’re planning on a beach holiday this summer is to bring some baby powder along to the beach. When you’re packing up and dreading spending the next few hours at dinner with sand trapped somewhere, sprinkle a little baby powder over yourself and the sand will fall right off, as if by magic! Trust us, it works great every time. We may be experts in candles but on this occasion we’re pleased to share a little bit more.

If your airport is near to where you’re staying, another great way to get the most out of your holiday is to check in your bags and boarding passes at the airport early in the morning even if you have a later flight and then leave the airport and enjoy your day without having to worry too much about the upcoming flight and (hopefully) your luggage. Whilst this won’t work everywhere you travel (and make sure you know it will work – we don’t want to be responsible for trapping you in an airport in the last day of your holiday), it’s a great way to grab a few more hours of sun when it does work. Let us know how you get on!

Whatever your plans this summer, we hope you have a wonderful time wherever you’re headed and stay safe once you get there. Enjoy the sights, sun and – of course – the smells.

Photography by Mohsan and Austin Kirk