Lily-Flame call themselves Britain’s best-loved candle, and given that we’ve smelled all of their products (and are in the fortunate position to see how many people buy them) we have no reason to disagree. Made in simple, pretty little tins with only the highest quality ingredients in a converted cattle shed deep in the Somerset countryside, this is without doubt an all-British candle company bursting with creative, fresh, powerful scents. We’re thrilled every time Lily-Flame send us a new candle, and we know that our customers are too. So, with all that in mind we thought we’d do a little research on the company and see what it’s all about, and what goes on in that converted cow shed (besides, how did they end up in a cow shed?).

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Well, the start of the answer to that question is that Lily-Flame is still a small, personal, family-based company with very little emphasis on commercialism and profit. For Jo Nicholls, the founder of Lily-Flame and still chief candle manufacturer, it’s all about the quality of her product and how much fun she has whilst she’s making them. Jo’s work with candle making started off of the back of her modelling career (you may recognise her from Stephen Hendler’s Sebastiana) in her kitchen in 1994. Just starting up, Lily-Flame was based out of an ex-Royal Mail van named Martha, and Jo would start her day at 5am to get to market stalls across the country and get the Lily-Flame brand out into the world.

8 years on, Martha has been mercifully allowed to rest after her long service and Lily-Flame (and Jo) have moved into a converted cowshed. We still don’t know why the cow shed was the best choice.

Lily-Flame got its big break in 2004 when it won one of 21 Prince’s Trust Champions Awards (out of 60,000 businesses!) for its start-up initiative. We have to agree with the royalty – Lily-Flame is an easily likeable start-up that remains 100% British, home-grown and committed to quality for their customers above all else.

Jo has worked on a fair few original scents for Lily-Flame, and one scent in particular has drawn a lot of well-deserved critical attention. The aptly-named and delightfully deliciously daisy-ish Daisy Dip is a bright, beautiful scent that would fill up any room with bright scents and fragrances and is original enough that we haven’t seen anything similar from any of our other suppliers. It’s a wonderful candle, and we’d love you to take a look!

Lily-Flame is a great company to have on board and we love working with Jo to get her great candles out to as many people as possible. What we appreciate more than anything else is the care and attention she still – to this day – pours into each of her creations. Both new candles that have just been formulated and old favorites she’s been selling at Lily-Flame for 21 years get the same attention, and it’s that kind of care and attention and love that we so enjoy and admire and love working with. Jo’s great, and she makes great candles. But don’t just listen to us! – You should try some yourselves!