Stoneglow Candles are to the UK what Yankee Candle began as across the ocean; a driven team of enthusiasts whose passion is bringing luxurious fragrance to your homes. If you’ve yet to try one of Stoneglow’s gel tumblers, invest in one; the fragrances are unique, yet traditional, and the beautifully designed tumblers can be used again and again.

The company started out as a small family venture twenty five years ago just outside London. Stoneglow Candles place a great deal of importance on the quality ingredients they use and their personal approach to candle-making. This emphasis perhaps comes from their close proximity to the capital, where the hubbub and rush of the city prompted Stoneglow to encourage their customers to slow down, to relax, and take time out to indulge themselves. Even after quarter of a century of trading, Stoneglow still hand-pours each of their masterpieces and applies every label by hand, demonstrating how staunchly against impersonal operandi they are – and they’re right to be very proud of this.

In 2011, two of their ranges were shortlisted for the coveted Gift of the Year award. Nature’s Friend was a range of scents seemingly picked from the earth itself, with fresh, floral notes underlined by mossy aromas of the forest, and the other shortlisted range was the White Orchid collection, a delicate selection of brisk, yet gentle fragrances, presented in crisp, white packaging with a bold orchid design.

They built upon this success in 2014, when they not only claimed the Business Growth prize at the East London Chamber of Commerce Business Awards, but also won the overall Business of the Year Award. Then, later that year, they won the prestigious Gift of the Year’s Home Fragrance category award.

When Hazel Simmons, Head of Design and Product Development, was asked what the main contributor to their success was, she asserted that a confidence in the quality of their product was key. “We don’t try and be everything to everybody,” she said. “We know what we’re good at.” Stoneglow know that their niche is providing high grade products, and rather than churning out a half-developed new fragrance week after week, they are content to put the time into making that perfect scent that is both modern and timeless.

They are also keenly aware of how home fragrance must harmonise with the ever-changing landscape of home interiors. “We change our range twice a year,” explains Perry Simmons, Managing Director of Stoneglow, “and we keep up with the trends of new fragrance, new designs, new colour themes, to keep up with people’s interiors.”

From their humble beginnings twenty-five years ago, Stoneglow now export their products worldwide, and they are recognised as an elite, renowned brand of distinguished British tradition.

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