All perfume is natural, and all scent is too. That said, there are some perfumes and fragrances we feel are particularly natural and inspired by the natural world. To put it another way, all perfumes may well be inspired by nature and wouldn’t exist without nature, but there are some special perfumes that we feel compliment and remind us of truly natural, wild, fierce, Mother Nature-style nature. It’s these we’re interested in today.

Aloe Water

Yankee Candle have produced some sublime candles over the years, but their recent Aloe Water candle has to be one of their very best ever – and we don’t say that lightly! – shimmering full of notes of Aloe (in itself one of the most beneficial natural products out there) leads to a clean, simple watery scent that’s refreshing, simple and as natural as you can get. We love the colour as well – the soft green compliments the fragrance beautifully, and easily shows exactly what the candle is all about. It’s a wonderful candle from a great brand, and that’s not the only naturally-inspired candle we have from Yankee Candle…

Shea Butter

Another great fragrance we’re thrilled to have from Yankee Candle is Shea Butter! A delicious flavour packed full of complex moisturising oils, Shea Butter is a truly excellent ingredient – whether you’re cooking with it (as they do where the butter comes from – across central Africa), moisturising with it, or simply smelling all it has to offer in a wonderfully convenient little candle, one thing is for certain and that’s that Shea Butter is a great addition to any scenario and we should get as much as possible! A rich, complex and deep perfume that comes from the all-natural nut of the Vitellaria tree – perfect for letting nature into your life in the most luxurious way possible!

Lily-Flame Daisy DipDaisy Dip

Another wonderful, natural scent comes to us in a small, stylish and unique tin from Lily-Flame candle makers. Daisy Dip; In a Faraway Field is a light, simple floral fragrance with notes from many different flowers blended together seamlessly. More colourful and brighter than Yankee Candle’s natural candles described above, Daisy Dip is a soft and creamy wax candle that will fill your home with bright, floral fragrance all day long. Of course, the scent chord itself is filled with the bright, simple smell of daisies, but is complimented wonderfully with a whole bouquet of other floral scents. This is a great, energetic little candle packed full of all-natural excitement and flavour. It’s amazing it all fits in such a little tin!

Clean RainWoodWick Clean Rain

Finally, the last of the excellent candles that are packed full of nature we’re examining comes from WoodWick. One of our favourite candle makers because of their signature wooden wick that lends depth and complexity to simple scents, WoodWick have surprised us with their incredibly simple and natural Clean Rain fragrance candle. We don’t have too much to say about it other than this is the most delicious and exciting that rain has ever smelt – it’s a gorgeous fragrance that brings out everything wonderful about nature and compliments its subject beautifully. You’re simply going to have to buy it to work out what we mean!

Why we love home fragrances inspired by nature…

The reason we are so keen on natural scents and fragrances that feel truly inspired and enlightened by nature is because in the modern world we feel nature is lacking more than it should be, and to be truly energised and to be working at the best of our abilities, we should let more nature back into our lives. For us, one of the best and simplest ways of doing this is just to light a candle or two and take a deep breath of the fresh, natural scents that make their way of the wax. It’s so simple, and for us it’s really an important part of living a good, effective, healthy life. We all come from nature and to some extent, we feel our bodies need reminding of that once in a while.

Perfume and scents in general are – to some extent – all inspired by nature. Us humans are wonderful, complicated, inspiring things made up from huge bags of other wonderful, complicated, inspiring things. And one of those smaller things happens to be the nose. Capable of taking in and differentiating complicated chemical information with just one sniff, the nose is an amazing thing and is inspiring enough in its own right to earn a whole host of perfumes named after it. To our knowledge, however (and we can see why) nobody has made a perfume that specifically celebrates the nose itself, and perfumers tend to focus on more obvious candidates, like flowers or fruit or fresh scents that we all know and love. The nose is of course the key to perfume – without being able to smell, it seems unlikely we would have the enormous industry based around fragrance that we have today, and that would truly be a tragedy; perfume (for us at least) is the culmination of years and years of artistry for one of the senses. A beautiful meal or a graceful sculpture is similarly the culmination of artistry in the other senses. Fragrance is beautiful, and we’re lucky that we have such complicated, wonderful machines as noses on the end of our faces.

So, all perfume is to some extent inspired by nature, in that all perfumes have to be smelled through nature, as it were. Also, of course, almost all perfumes come from nature – whether it’s the smell of wet ivy and hydrangea instilled in a candle, or the scent of bright red fruits and cinnamon, somewhere in the process there was once plants and spices and flowers that produced the chemicals that are so carefully re-released in the candle.

Featured photograph by Erik Drost.