Busy lifestyles and technology have been blamed for disrupting our natural sleep patterns. But with the right evening ritual helping you wind down and relax, getting a great night’s sleep can be simple.

Social checking / No electronics

First and foremost: get rid of your electronic devices. By now most people know about the blue light that phones and tablets give off, messing up your internal clock. So banish technology from the bedroom!

But before you do, if you feel like you want to, check your social media accounts, messages and emails. That way you don’t feel like you haven’t replied to anyone or missed out on anything important. But once you’ve done that, turn them off (airplane mode works well too) and don’t look till morning!

Clear your sleep space

Distractions and mess can disrupt your winding down time, so clear all unnecessary things away from your bedroom. You want to make your sleep sanctuary as dedicated to relaxing and sleeping as you can. Whilst it’s not always possible, try to only use your bedroom to sleep in. Even getting ready, putting makeup on – if you can do it elsewhere in your house, it will help. This way, when you do enter your bedroom, your mind knows it is sleep time – as that is the ONLY thing you do in that room. 😉

Set the mood

A feeling of calm and peacefulness will help you get a great night’s sleep so set the mood. Put some scented candles around your bedroom. Play some soothing music (but not from your phone!). Use some essential oils or an aroma diffuser. Anything that helps you fall into a relaxed mood is good.

Run a bath

Warm baths are one of the best, if not the best, way to wind down for the night. Get some essential oils going in the bathroom, dim the lights and ready your favourite fluffy towel and comfiest pyjamas.

Light stretching

While your bath is running, do some stretching. Stretching releases all the tension that builds up in your muscles over the day and it feels wonderful. Stretching before you get into the bath loosens your tired muscles, readying them to be soothed by the warm water.


After your bath, now you’re cosy and warm in your pyjamas, you can write in your journal. Keeping a note of how you felt that day, what you’ve achieved and your hopes for the next day really helps ease your mind before bed, readying it for the restful night ahead. It doesn’t need to be long or a ‘Dear diary’ type – just three bullet points will do. Try it if you’re sceptical – it really works wonders!

Reading in bed

Once you’re snug in the depths of your bed, warm and relaxed from your bath, the pleasant aromas of the candles and oils swirling around (don’t forget to blow the candles out!), you can spend some well-deserved time reading a good book. I know I previously said to not do anything other than sleep in your room, but reading a book is permissible!

By now, you might be so relaxed by your new perfect evening ritual that you’ll fall straight asleep! But if not, read away until you feel tired and ready to sleep.

Visualisation exercises

These sound fancy but it’s just visualising aspects of your life – where you want to be in the future, something you might want to do, things that make you happy. The trick is to think about pleasant things. You might even want to think about falling asleep. Before long, you’ll be slipping away into the best night’s sleep you’ve had in a while.

Breathe easy

Finally, if all else fails, resort to the 4-7-8 breathing technique. Seriously, it’s amazing!

And there you have it: the perfect evening ritual to give you a restful night’s sleep. Did you find this ritual helpful or have some of your own rituals or routines you’d like to share? Please let us know – we’d love to hear about how you give yourself the sleep that you deserve!

The cute photo of the cat at the top is by goodmami